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For years Norway would disappear once a month for about a week and then come back looking something from between  dejected and elated. These little mini-vacations always confused the other Nordics and they often asked him about it, but he would never tell them anything. He didn’t want them to know his little secret.

But then all of a sudden these trips stopped and he looked depressed…really, really depressed. He often sat looking at a photograph, one that he wouldn’t show a soul. It was a photograph of him and a little girl who looked so strikingly like him it was scary. This was his daughter (Name) Bondevik, and her maternal grandparents had taken custody of her after her mother passed away…and they denied him all visitation rights. That broke his heart.

Little did he know that his little girl felt the same way…

But unlike him…she had a plan to do something about it.

--------- ---------------- ------------

Shivering on the cold street corner on the nearly deserted streets of down-town Oslo young (Name) was determined to find her pappa and finally be free from her grandparents. She trudged through the snow that was up to her little six-year old knees she gripped a sheet of paper tightly in her hand. It was a letter that her pappa had given her before she was taken away that had his address on it so she could write him. He grandparents never let her so she never knew how much her pappa missed her. She saw a small diner, maybe she could ask for help in there, she could at least warm herself up.

She may have been six but she was smart and determined. She pushed the heavy door open and took her purple mittens off and walked up to the counter.

“E…excuse me…” she said in a nervous small voice.

The kindly old man behind the counter looked down shocked at the sight of the small little girl standing before him.

“C…can you help me?” she asked him her nose red from the cold.

“Of course.” He said wanting to assist the distressed looking child, “What do you need.”

“I’m trying to find my pappa.” She said, “C…can you tell me how to get here?”

She set the somewhat faded letter onto the counter and as the old man put his glasses on and looked at the letter, contemplating just calling the authorities to take this lost child home, he would just humor her. As he was reading over the address and pretending to contemplate it a bird landed on the child’s shoulder and was looking at her curiously. She looked at it shocked but smiled; it was a cute, but odd looking thing. She giggled and reached up patting its head. She gripped another paper in his her hand it was a mirror image of the one that Norway held. A photo of him holding onto her when she was three, this was her most prized possession, aside from that letter.

Mr. Puffin had heard what she had asked and having thought she looked like someone he knew he flew over and when he saw that picture he swooped over and carefully snatched the letter from the inept man behind the counter and flew over to his owner/companion who was sitting in a corner booth by the window.

“Hey!” (Name) cried out with tears in her eyes as she chased after the bird, “Give me back my letter.”

The bird led her to a man sitting down drinking a cup of coffee who had hair just about a shade lighter than her pappas, “What on earth is this Mr. Puffin?” he asked the thing not noticing (Name)

“That’s something you need to see Emil!” she bird squaked.

“That’s mine!” she said with her hands on her hips, “It’s a letter from my pappa and I’m looking for him.”

Emil looked at her and nearly choked on nothing at the sight it was a mini-female Norge, “Y…your Pappa?” he asked.

“Ja, his name’s Lukas Bondevik and I’m trying to find him.” She said and showed him the picture she was clutching so tightly, this man looked a lot like her Pappa.

Emil’s jaw dropped, Norge had a daughter…he had a niece. He looked at the dejected little girl and gave her a sympathetic smile, “I think I know where you can find your pappa.” He told her, “Lukas…is my…brother.”

“You’re Emil?!” She said in shock.

“He told you about me?” Iceland asked her shocked.

“Ja, he talked about you a lot…I heard him and my mama talking one night…he was afraid of how you’d be like when you met me…” she said.

‘She’s quite the chatter box…unlike Norge…but that’s definitely his daughter.’ Iceland thought.

“You know what, I’ll take you to him, your other uncles and I are staying at him right now, would you like to go see your pappa?” he asked her, his usually cold exterior melted for this innocent girl.

“Oh ja, ja onkel Emil! Vennligst!” she exclaimed jumping slightly.

Emil laughed and dropped the money for his coffee on the table and got up handing her the prized letter and took her hand walking up to the counter to buy her a pastry.

“Could I get a cheese Danish please?” he asked.

The elderly counter worked looked at him and said, “Ja, but where are you taking her?”

“She’s my niece, I’ve been looking for her everywhere. I needed a cup of coffee to warm myself up before continuing my search. Lucky she came in here.” He lied thoroughly.

The counter attendant smiled and gave him the Danish and took the money, he was of feeble mind. Iceland took the pastry and gave it to (Name) who took it and ate it gladly. And with that Iceland, (Name) and Mr. Puffin were off.

------- ----------- ----------

Soon they arrived at a large home and he let them in.

“Hey Lukas…one, there’s someone here to see you…two, you have some explaining to do!” Iceland called out as he led (Name) into the den where all of the Nordic sat.

Norway had just gotten up to go and greet his brother confused when he stopped in his tracks when he saw the little girl who had been on his mind for ages.

“Pappa!” (Name) exclaimed and charged forward hugging him around the waist, “I’ve missed you Pappa!”

“(N…name)!” he exclaimed in shock as he looked down at the now crying child, “Where…how…”

“I don’t wanna live with bestemor og bestefar anymore! They hurt me!” she said through tears, “I wanna be with you Pappa!”

He kneeled down and hugged her much to the shock of the other Nordics he was crying, the sight of his daughter after three years was almost too much for him, “Then you don’t have to.” He murmured, he would quiz her on the ‘they hurt me’ statement later on, right now all he wanted to do was make her smile again.

She pulled away, “Promise?” she asked tears filling her (e/c) eyes.

“I promise.” He said.

“You have a daughter Norge?!” Denmark asked rather loudly.

“You’re loud!” she said setting her hands over her ears to emphasize.

“No I’m Mathias.” He said.

“Well Mathias you’re loud!” she said.

This made the other Nordics laugh as the Dane blushed at being countered by a child.

“Hi I’m Tino!” the happy blond Fin said bending down to introduce himself, “How old are you sweet heart?”

“I’m (Name) and I’m this many years old!” she said holding up six fingers smiling, “I like you.” She said and hugged him.

He laughed and then Sweden walked up and for once someone wasn’t scared of his usual ‘glare’ of a facial expression, “Hi!” she said, “You’re really tall.”

“This is Berwald.” Tino said, “He’s my…husband.” He blushed at the last statement but smiled.

She went over and hugged him around the legs smiling cutely.

“Hey don’t I get a hug?” Mathias said recovering from his shock.

She laughed and practically glomped him giggling. Norway walked over and lifted her up so she didn’t crush the Danes ribs, though it was funny to see him out of breath from her tackle hug.

“(Name) how did you get here?” he asked.

“I took a bus.” She said, “I saved up all the money I could find and got a ticket…and I when I went into a diner to ask for help I found Onkel Emil and he got me a sweet and helped me get here to you!” she explained.

“Well, Mr. Puffin found her.” Emil said and explained what had happened.

“Have you eaten anything besides a Danish to eat?” Norway asked her and when she shook her head, “Well, I’ll take you in and get you some food and then you need to get some sleep, okay.”

She nodded yawning, tiredness taking its toll on her for the first time.

-------- ------------ ---------

A few hours later (Name) was fast asleep with her head in Norway’s lap as he stroked her icy-blond locks with a soft smile on his face.

“Okay…so where did she come from?” Denmark asked trying to keep his voice low.

“You remember (Mom’s Name), that girl I was so in love with…well, she got pregnant and every month when I would leave…I’d be visiting her and (Name) here…but two years ago…(Mom’s Name) passed away and even though I was the one who should have custody of her, (Mom’s Name’s) parents swooped in and took her before I could. I gave her that letter so she could keep in contact with me…but I don’t think that the wanted her to have any contact so they wouldn’t let her…”

“But Norge…she said that they hurt her…what does that mean?” Finland asked worried for the child.

Norway shook his head and sighed, “I don’t know…” at that moment he moved her hair and saw a dark bruise on the junction between her shoulder and neck that had previously been covered by her deep blue scarf, “But it will never happen again.” He declared and kissed her forehead.
This was a request for :iconqui-qui900826: I hope you like this.

I do not own Hetalia, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Mr. Puffin or You
I do own the story.
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