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March 5, 2013
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“Is anyone even going to come to this party?” (Name) asked herself, her birthday just had to fall on the same day that Alfred was throwing one of his ‘Awesome’ bashes.

She had handed invites out to the people that she really wanted to come, but they had all turned her down to go to Alfred’s party. She had said that she didn’t care either way…but it had hurt. And even with her bravery of handing invitations out she still couldn’t bring herself to give an invitation to Arthur, her long time crush who had never even looked at her. She bit her lip as she set out the few h’orderves that she had made
out on a table with a plain (color) plastic table-cloth.

She bit her lip, this would be sad if no one came to her party…she sat down on her couch with a plastic cup full of (favorite soda) and waited…and waited.

------- ------ ---

Arthur stared at the invitation he’d found on the ground at school. It was addressed to someone else but just a few feet away there was another one and then another one…and finally he found one addressed to himself…he hadn’t even been given it. He read it over again as he sat upstairs in the home he shared with that damned American who was throwing a party that night.  He read the invitation again.

You’re Invited to a Birthday Party for: (First Name) (Last Name)
On: (Birthday)
From: 6:30 PM
To: 9: 30 PM
I hope you will attend.

Wasn’t Alfred her friend? Or at least knew her well enough not to have a party on her birthday. He wanted to ask him…but he knew he was too busy…he knew of this girl…but he was always too shy to talk to her. She was just so beautiful to him. Her pretty smile and kind eyes, and that was not to mention all of the…rather impure thoughts that her perfect (body type) body raised in his mind, he was only a man after all. He looked at himself in the mirror…he’d only seen her talking to about eight people and not including his there were eight tossed aside invitations on his bed. No one was going to her party because of that blasted American. What kind of gentleman would he be if he didn’t attend her party instead? He stood up and got dressed in a white buttoned up shirt and black pants before putting on some black converse and brushing his hair and teeth.

He wanted to look nice for her, he looked at the time 5 PM. He didn’t have a gift…he’d need to stop and get her something, so he would unfortunately be late, but he would be there. He grabbed his wallet and keys and walked down stairs where Alfred and his friends that annoying Prussian and Dane were getting things set up.

“Hey Artie, what are you doing so dressed up?” Alfred asked laughing.

“I’m going out, I need to get something from the store.” Arthur said in a curt voice.

“Why, we’ve got all the booze we need here.” Alfred said oblivious to the tone and look he was receiving.

“Well I won’t be attending your party.” Arthur said in a stern voice.

“What?!” all three boys exclaimed looking at him shocked.

----- ----- -----

(Name) stared at the clock, “Just an hour and a half to go…I should probably get the hot H’orderves in the oven.” She said trying to stay positive.

She got up and went into the kitchen and began to prepare some of the hot food she was planning on serving. ‘This should only take about thirty to forty-five minutes to get done, so I should have time to get dressed and all ready to greet my guests.’ She had to scoff at that thought.

“Positive (Name)…you’re positive tonight…all of them are going to come here and celebrate with you…you will have guests at your party.” She said.

She put some chicken tenders into the oven and sighed as she stared at the clock. She began mixing up the different dipping sauces she’d found recipes for online. To appeal to everyone’s different tastes, she’d told herself.

“If they even come.” She said, “No POSITIVE!” she ordered herself.

----- ----- -----

“I don’t get it, you’re not coming?” Alfred asked shocked.

“No…it’s a dear friend’s birthday and I’d much rather spend this evening with them than at another one of your events.” He said.

“Why aren’t they going to be here…I invited everyone I know?” Alfred asked.

Arthur just shook his head, “How about I throw a part opposing your birthday so no one will acknowledge it and then say, why don’t you just come here and spend time with people not saying a damn thing about your big day?” Arthur said, “Also…you didn’t invite her…you invited everyone else who was standing around her saying everyone was coming and just blew her off.”

“Who are you talking about?” Alfred asked confused.

Arthur just rolled his eyes and left, he wasn’t going to explain this to him, he was being a jerk and Arthur still needed to go and pick up a birthday gift for (Name). Alfred just shrugged and went back to trying to get the keg working.

----- -------- -----------

(Name) went through her closet and tried to find a nice outfit to spend her lonely evening in. She’d overcooked her chicken fingers so she had to call and order some Chinese food for dinner. Who cares she was spending it alone anyway. She shook her head and started tossing clothes onto her bed. Her original outfit choice was sleek and stylish and not her. ‘Since I’ll be by myself might as well have some fun with it.’ She though with a cynical laugh.

She grabbed a poufy (Favorite Color) skirt and a black top and some printed leggings and put them on laughing as she put a tiara on her head, “I’m the queen of the lonely!” she laughed so she wouldn’t cry.

---------- --------- -------

Arthur searched the store for the perfect gift but he couldn’t decide what to get her and he was already late. He walked over to a sales clerk.

“Excuse me miss…could you help me?” he asked nervously.

“Of course sir, are you looking for something in particular?” she asked him flashing him a bright smile.

“Well…yes and no…you see I’m looking for a birthday gift for a friend…well not really a friend…someone I’d like to be more than that…and I have no idea what on earth to get her…it’s her birthday and…I’m already late…” he said in a flurry of words.

“Alright, are you looking for a gift to show her your…hidden…feelings?” she asked him.

Arthur nodded, “Also…I want it to be…classy…not too…showy…simple and elegant…you know?” he asked.
“How about a pretty necklace or a bracelet?” she asked him.

“O…okay, but I don’t know much about jewelry…” he admitted.

“That’s alright, I’ll help you out.” The sales clerk said, “Especially since you want to make her smile.”

He nodded, “Desperately…since my bloody roommate happens to be throwing one of his huge parties opposite her small birthday party and every person she invited won’t be going to hers instead they’re going to my roommate’s and she’s going to be all alone…I just…I’m so angry at him but I’m more interested in…”

“Doing something nice for her.” She said with a smile, “I’ve got a great idea for a gift. Follow me.”

She led him over to the jewelry counter and showed him a few ideas but only one was the right one, only one was perfect and he bought it without a second thought.

“Can you wrap this up here for me?” he asked and she nodded putting it in a nice gift box and wrapped it for him.

And with that he was off on his way to his secret love’s home to celebrate her birthday with her.

------ -------- ------

(Name) was lying on her couch tossing her plastic tiara into the air and catching it, bored…waiting for her Chinese food to get there. Boredom. Loneliness. Her life was both of those right now. Just as she tossed the tiara into the air once more someone knocked on the door.

“Dammit!” she cursed as the hunk of plastic bonked her on the forehead as he came back down again, she stood up and put the tiara on as she walked to the door, “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

She grabbed her wallet and made her way over to the door and opened it, “Now how much was…it…ARTHUR?!” she exclaimed in shock.

“Hello there…Princess (Name).” he said with a soft chuckle.

“Oh…um…yeah…” she stuttered and reached up pulling the tiara off of her head, “What are you doing here?”

“I found this on the ground and wondered if it were still valid.” He said holding up the invitation she had never given him.

She nodded, “Y…yeah…come on in…” she said and stepped aside.

She led the Brit into her empty living room. She sighed as he looked around and saw all the decorations she’d worked hard on. But her couches and everything was empty all the food was still out and her party had started at least an hour ago.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” He said.

“I’m just glad someone came.” She said sadly.

Arthur sighed, “I’m sorry…if I had known it was your birthday ahead of time I would have convinced Alfred to reschedule his.”

“No you wouldn’t…or rather couldn’t…” she said.

Arthur sighed, she was right, once Alfred got a notion in his head he could not be persuaded otherwise, “Of course…but I would try…I promise.” He said.

She gave a soft smile of thanks and motioned for him to sit down, “I was planning on having some chicken but I cooked them for too long so I’m just waiting for some Chinese take-out.” She explained.

“Alright…again I want to apologize for the others rudeness.” He said.

“That’s fine…at…at least you came.” She said with a soft smile.

“I wouldn’t miss it.” He said with a smile.

There was another knock on the door, “That will be the Chinese food.” She said with a sigh and got up to go and pay for it.

While she was gone and set the pretty (f/c) package down where she had been sitting, he smiled softly at the thought of her face when she what he had bought her. She came back with a white plastic bag of white and red take-out boxes. She set down the bag on the table.

“I hope you like General Tso’s chicken.” She said.

“Anything’s fine with me.” He said with a soft smile.

She stopped in her tracks as she saw the wrapped gift box where she had been sitting. She reached down and picked it up.

“I…is this for me?” she asked in shock.

He nodded, “Yes…that’s why I was late…” he explained, “I wanted to get you something nice.”

She sat down and stared at it in shocked. She was so touched. She opened it and saw a small white box. It was a jewelry box.

“Wh…what’s this?” she asked staring at it.

“Open it to find out, poppet.” He said giving her a heart melting smile.

She opened the lid to find a small pearl bracelet with a single stone at the center, it was her birth stone. It was in the shape of a heart. She stared at him in shock.

“Ar…Arthur…I…can’t accept this…” she said with a shocked look.

“Yes you can. I bought it specifically to tell you that…I love you (Name).” he said with the softest most sincere smile.

“I…Arthur I love you too.” She said and forgetting all polite demeanor she leapt at him hugging him tightly.

He hugged her back as happy tears slipped down her cheeks. They pulled apart and he latched the bracelet onto her wrist. He smiled lovingly at her she stared at it in shock.

“It’s so beautiful…I don’t even care if you were the only person to come over on my birthday…you were the only person I wanted here anyway…I was just too embarrassed to approach you.” She sheepishly admitted.

He just smiled and kissed her lovingly.
This is a birthday gift for :iconleawesomesause:

I'm sorry this has taken so long, but I hope you like it. ^^

I do not own Hetalia, England or You
I do own the story and ideas
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Alfred! I want to thank you for throwing your party.
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is it sad that the only reason people know my birthday is because of facebook and someone else's birthday is the same day and no one really cares last year on my birthday I invited 15 of my close friends I ended up celebrating my birthday with one of my friends and random people at the beach. god I sound so snotty and like a prick sorry to those who read this. I love the story tho!!!!!!!!!
TSsweets Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:hug: I'm sorry hon, my birthday is late december...I've never had a real birthday party.

I'm glad you like the story.
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