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December 6, 2012
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This gets a bit suggestive

--------- ------------- -------------

(Name) giggled as she made her way down the hall of her local community center to the culinary arts department. This was their last class of the semester because they would be getting out for the Christmas holidays and she was excited, they’d be baking today. She had never been the best baker, but she was sure with a teacher like Ms. Tianna she was sure to get it right. Plus she got to spend time with Matthew. The quiet Canadian was her dear friend and ultimate dream guy. She had a huge crush on him, but was able to conceal it well.

She opened the door to the kitchen/classroom and walked over giving him a hug, “Hey there Mattie~” she said smiling.

“Hey (Name) you look pleased.” He said.

“I just love the snow, the holiday season…this is my favorite time of year~” she said giggling.

“That’s nice to hear (Name), because today we’re baking Holiday Sugar Cookies.” Their teacher said her silver eyes scanning the room, “Alright, now notice I said holiday, because I have cutters for whatever holiday you celebrate…Santa hats, reindeer, angels and  ornaments for Christmas, faith symbols and properly shaped candle holders and candles for Kwanzaa,” she nodded at a girl in the back of the class dressed in traditional African garb, including a headdress, the girl smiled gratefully, “Menorahs, dreidels and Stars of David’s for Chanukah, as well as all the typical and generic shapes of snowmen, ornaments and snowflakes. So come up and get what cutters you want, only one of each and then go back to your places, you’ll be working in pairs today, so get your cutters, pair up and get ready.” She nodded signaling for them to do as instructed.

“I’ll get our cutters, Christmas and generic right?” Matthew asked his friend with a smile.

She nodded smiling, her (s/c) cheeks dusted pink and it wasn’t from Jack Frost nipping at her nose outside. He walked up to the front his heart light from the sight of her breathtaking smile. He came back and set them down and grinned at her.

“Ready to bake?” he asked her.

“Yep.” She said in a perky voice, punctuating it with an exaggerated nod.

They turned their attention to their teacher who had cleared her throat, “Now the recipe I have bakes five dozen or sixty rolled cookies. Since it is the holidays and I KNOW that you all want to give your extra cookies to your loved ones. Now at your stations you have the following for the cookies butter, white sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, all-purpose flower, baking powder and salt.” She said.

(Name) raised her hand, “Why salt?” she questioned.

“Because just a teeny bit of salt makes the sweetness of the sugar and vanilla stand out on high~” she said with a grin.

“Oh!” (Name) said, no wonder all her attempts at baking failed…she never added the salt.

“You also have the ingredients for the frosting, Confectioners’ sugar, shortening, milk, again the vanilla extract and food coloring in a wide array of colors.” She said and went to write on the board, “These instructions are printed out at your stations but you’ll want to follow along with me alright. Now step one: In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Stir in the flour, baking powder, and salt. Cover, and chill dough for at least one hour.”

The class groaned at the wait time.

“One hour.” Someone said.

“Now hush, cooking and baking are an art but baking is also a science…it’s not like cooking where you can add a little of something to balance later on baking, you mess up early you mess up entirely.” Their teacher said, besides…this is a good time to discuss what you’re all planning on doing this holiday and maybe even plan where all of your cookies are going.”

----------- ------------- -------------

The hour was finally up and they could start making their cookies.

“Alright, now preheat your ovens to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and to our Canadian friend that would be 200 degrees Celsius.” Their instructor said with a smile.

(Name) giggled and elbowed Matthew in the ribs. He sent her a playful glare as they did as they were told and when it came time to dust the cutting board in flower he playfully tossed some at her.

“Hey!” she exclaimed.

“You look like a snow-angel~” he chuckled.

“Why you!” (Name) said forgetting that they were in a class and tossed a large handful of flour at Matthew.

In a second they were tickling and tossing flour at one another until their teacher cleared her throat, “Now, you two are going to stay after and clean your mess up, sit out the rest of the class and do it right after class. I expect my test cookies on my desk later this afternoon.” Their teacher said sternly.

(Name’s) and Matthew’s faces were on fire as they nodded agreeing and going to sit down completely embarrassed.

“This was all your fault Mattie!” she hissed under her breath.

“No, I was just playing and you took it too far!” he argued.

It wasn’t long and their classmates had filed out and they were approached by the teacher with the printed instructions, “Here; Make sure you turn the oven off, the lights off and have those cookies on my desk. I have an appointment to get a flu shot, so I’ll be back later.”

---------- ----------------- ------------------

“I cannot believe you got me in trouble!” (Name) complained at Matthew as she mixed up their second batch of dough.

“I got you in trouble! You tossed flour at me!” he said.

“But you started it!” she protested.

“Oh come on!” he said.

“Matt, you knew that I’d retaliate, so why’d you start it?” she asked.

“It was only a joke.” He muttered.

She walked over and put the dough in the fridge, “So now we’re stuck waiting for that to chill for an hour.” She said and walked over and hugged him, “I’m not upset, I just had some shopping to do this afternoon. These extra cookies took care of a couple gifts but…I have so many.”

Matthew nodded, “I understand.” He said, “Hey, how about we make the frosting now…so we’re not too bored?”

“Glad you think I’m so much fun.” She chided.

“That’s not what I…” Matthew began to protest until she set her finger on his lips.

“Just teasing, that is a good idea.”

They began to mix up the frosting talking and laughing loudly. After a moment (Name) stopped and lifted her sweater over her head, leaving her there in a (f/c) camisole making Matthew blush brightly.

“Sorry, I was getting too hot.” She said and went back to work.

A few minutes later she picked up the large, metal bowl of frosting and began heading over to take it to the fridge. Only to trip over her own two feet and fall on her butt, spattering her face and torso in frosting.

“Crap!” she said loudly.

Matthew walked over and kneeled down beside her, “Are you okay?” he asked blushing at the very naughty thoughts that were going through his head at that moment.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said and licked some frosting off of her finger, “Mmm…it’s good, want to try some?” she asked holding her other hand out with some frosting on it.

Matthew took a risk and pushed her hand down and leaned in licking some off of her cheek. (Name’s) face was on fire and only more so when he kissed her lips softly.

He pulled away after a moment, “M…Mattie…what…what was that for?” she asked blushing.

He blushed and looked down, “I…I’m sorry…I…I shouldn’t have done that…” he stammered, “I just…love you.”

“I love you too Mattie!” (Name) said and jumped up and kissed him knocking him onto his back.

When they broke apart from the kiss he looked up at her…with frosting still on nearly every inch of exposed skin. He bit his lip and leaned in licking a little off of her neck. She shuddered and moaned.


-------- --------- ------------

They panted and just stared at one another for a moment.

“I love you (Name).” Matthew said.

“I love you too Mattie.” She said and kissed him again.

“We should probably get cleaned up…and finish those cookies…” (Name) suggested blushing.

“Yeah.” He said and stood, helping her up.

--------------- -------------- ----------------

They left a plate of six cookies on their teachers desk and walked out of the community center hands clasped together smiling happily. They knew that these cookies would taste better than any other because they brought these two love birds together.
Alright there are two versions of this this is the clean version, since I'm a bit apprehensive on posting more lemons at the moment. So I'll note this to you if you wish. Since it was a request I've only sent the uncensored to the person who requested it, but I'll note it to whomever wants it.

This was a request for :iconcanadaswife71:
I do not own Hetalia, Canada or You
I do own the story and ideas

Also bonus points to whomever can guess who the teacher was~
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