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October 25, 2012
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(Name) was incredibly nervous as she made her way through the hallways, but she wasn't going to let that show. She made her way past several people that she had had the displeasure of meeting. One of whom actually saw Alfred dump his lunch on her, it was another boy with the same name but opposite mannerisms, he was the most popular boy in school and claimed to be a 'hero' but he didn't  do a damn thing about it. Maybe he didn't want to get into fights at school, was the only reasoning that she could come to. It seemed that for the other two she knew best, if you could say that, they had their so called "good" opposites. But she didn't know much about them other than they identified themselves as "good" and that was it.

But today wasn't for her to let her mind wander about them, today was a day where she had no protection from her bullies...

"Well, well, well...looks like Ollie's not here to save her today, Alfred~" came the dark Canadian voice that she had grown to pick out of a crowd.

"No, he's not, is he...(Name)?" came the earth shattering taunt of the American as he jerked her head back by her hair.

She didn't wince, even though it hurt. She didn't say a thing and he jerked her hair again.

"I asked you a question bitch." Alfred said darkly, "Answer it!"

Still she didn't answer him.

"No smart ass response this time, eh?" Matthew said laughing.

She made no movement or remark. Her ignoring them was a joke to the two brothers. And she realized too late that this also made this a challenge for them.

"We'll get her to speak soon enough~." Alfred said mocking her before leaning in and whispering threateningly in her ear, "Maybe we'll even get you to scream."

With that they merely shoved her back against the lockers and walked off laughing at her torment. 'I'm so screwed.' She thought.

---------- ------------- -------------------

In her creative writing class they were given a major assignment, come up with a poem that will wholly move and audience to tears, and they were to perform it in front of the school. But before that they had to move the class into choosing them. And participation was required. She sighed and began planning her poem for the in class contest. But who was going to tell Oliver any of this?

"Miss (Last Name) you seem close enough to Mr. Kirkland, would you mind taking the assignment hard copy to him this evening?" their teacher asked.

She was.

"Of course not, sir." She said with her usual monotone and a forced smile.

"Wonderful." He said and handed it to her before going back to help the other students.

'Great.' Was all she thought.

-------------- --------------- -----------------

At lunch she went to the library to hide out for the period, that and she needed to find a good book for the weekend. She had no plans and a good book at the end of the night always made things easier to handle her social ambiguity. She walked through the dusty rows of different colored leather books in the classic books section. It was her favorite section. She ran her fingers along the spines and smiled softly. She only seemed to smile when she read or was looking for a book to read.

She found a great book to check out and pulled it from the shelf and walked over to check it out. She'd read it before, it was one of her favorites, but she didn't care, she wanted to read it again. Placing it in her bag she walked out of the library just as the bell sounded for their next class. She had avoided the lunch time torture. 'I hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.' She thought, but she shook her head, there was no point in worrying about that, 'Because what's gonna bite me is the fact that I have NO idea where Oliver lives! So I'll have to ask them this afternoon. Maybe after they're done with their afternoon tormenting of me I can somehow get them to help me.'

She scoffed at her own optimism, "Yeah, that'll happen." She said bitterly, under her breath.

--------- ----------- -----------

In her last class of the day, she felt eyes boring into her. She didn't need to look around to know who was staring so darkly at her. It was so odd that she had grown to be able to tell the difference between Alfred's glare and Matthew's stare. This time it was Alfred, glaring sinisterly at the back of her head. She knew that he was planning something and she knew that she was in trouble. But she could handle it, physical pain didn't affect her, surly they had learned that by now.

'They're probably just stubborn.' She thought, 'Probably the only kind of bullying they have found to work and they want to make sure to find a way for it to affect me. They won't.'

After class she walked towards her locker having a feeling that she wasn't going to have an easy time that afternoon. But the only thing that she could do was suffer through it. What other option was there? Say something? Hell no, they would only torment her more. And she'd suffered a lot in her life, this was nothing. She shook her head as she went to her locker.

She was shocked when she wasn't immediately accosted. She knew that it was going to happen and that she needed to talk to them, to at least get them to take Oliver's work to him.

As the hallways cleared out, she knew that this was going to be bad. This was confirmed when she felt herself being shoved against her locker.

"You should have hidden like at lunch (Name)." Alfred said.

Matthew laughed darkly and pulled her away from the locker so that Alfred could shut it before he slammed her back into it. They each grabbed one of her wrists before chuckling darkly. Just what were they planning to do to her? Matthew took her cheek roughly in his hand and made her look at him while he smirked darkly.

"You're going to scream for us in the end (Name)." the Canadian told her, "No matter what it takes."

That phrase took on new meaning as she exclaimed in shock when she felt where Alfred's other hand had drifted to.

"What the...!" she exclaimed, "Wh...what are you doing?!"

'Why is his hand in my skirt?' she thought fear actually gripping her for the first time in years. This was a kind of physical torment she was NOT ready for. She was now in a serious amount of trouble.

"I told you...we're going to make you scream." He said as Matthew forced her to kiss him.

'Fuck!' was all name could think.
Alright, who saw this coming? XD

The next chapter will be a bit more graphic. So be warned now.

Does this need a warning?

I do not own Hetalia 2P America, 2P Canada or You
I do own the story and ideas.
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