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October 19, 2012
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Arriving at her locker the next morning she looked around wanting to avoid any conflicts. She saw no one around her that would cause trouble and unlocked her locker before opening it. Unlike many girls lockers, there was no pink, no Justin Beiber posters, nothing glittery or fuzzy. No, the only think stuck to her locker was her class schedule. She figured this was a safe place to keep it to remind her of what books she would need to get when she went home. She sighed, she wasn’t normal, so she wouldn’t even try to be. She didn’t feel the need to fake happiness and make a bunch of preppy friends.

She put her books in and before she could shut the door someone did that for her. She jumped as someone slammed the door shut almost on her hand. She looked up and was met with the red eyes of Alfred, the one who had threatened her the day before. He was giving her a cold look.

“Well, what do we have here Mathew?” he asked and (Name) turned to her other side where the Canadian was standing.

“It looks like a girl who needs to learn her place here. If you want to go somewhere that we have claimed you need to pay your dues.” He said and tugged on a strand of your hair.

The young girl didn’t respond, were they asking for money or were they going to strike her? What did it matter? She had no money and didn’t feel pain physical pain like normal people did.

“So why don’t you let us know why we should jump you right here and now?” Alfred said.

“I have nothing you would want.” She said simply, “It wouldn’t benefit you in any way.”

She hoped that her logic would save her this time.

“We didn’t tell you what we want.” Mathew said with a dark smirk.

“I don’t have it.” She said, “I have nothing that would benefit you.”

Alfred smirked and said, “Oh, we bet you have a lot.”

“BOYS! What did I say yesterday?!” a British voice broke through the air, it sounded rather irritated.

Instantly the two bullies were away from (Name) and both boys were glaring at the new comer, it was Oliver, once again, jumping to her rescue. He glared right back and told them that the way they were acting was no way to treat a lady. (Name) had to bite back the uproarious laughter that threatened to spill from her bare lips. A lady? Her? There was no way in Hell.

“Alright, alright. We get it!” Alfred finally said annoyed, “You really tick me off sometimes Oliver.”

“Will you leave the girl alone now?” he asked, irritated by how impolite his brothers were acting.

“Fine. We’ll leave her alone.” Mathew said and under his breath muttered to where he couldn’t hear, “When you’re around.”

“Good.” Oliver said and (Name) used this moment to sneak away.

She knew that this was not the last time she would be hassled by the two, but it’s not that it mattered anyway.

----- ---- -------

In the halls Alfred tripped her.

At lunch he stole her lunch and dumped it in the trash.

In the halls Mathew shoved her.

At lunch he pushed her head.

They pulled her hair in class and pushed her. They were trying hard to get a rise out of her, and she wouldn’t let them. Mainly because she didn’t have a rise to be let out. She just took it, like any other broken girl would.

As it turned out she was in the same creative writing class as Oliver and he sat near her like the other two. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t acknowledge that she noticed, she merely wrote her poems and let him be. Though once she looked up and met his bright blue eyes and saw worry swirling in them, though it was hard to pick out. She shook her head and went back to work, he probably wasn’t worried about her, so why should she even think about that.

As class ended she hurried to her locker, she wanted to get to there fast and get her things and hurry home so she didn’t have any more hassle for the day. She’d had enough. But as was tradition in her life, fate decided to screw her over.

Just like the day before she found herself pinned to her locker by two dark boys standing behind her. She bit her lip and didn’t say a thing. She just wanted them to get their taunting over and done with. She needed to get home, her rent was due.

“So, what do we do with what we’ve just caught?” Mathew asked Alfred.

“Hmm…I wonder how she’d react to this.” Alfred said and pushed her hard against the metal door of her locker.

She winced and grunted, it was rather uncomfortable. She knew that it was going to get worse before it gets better. She just wanted for them to just get it over with it, beat her to within an inch of her life like she was sure they were planning to and get it over with. Maybe they’d finally get it done and that she’d actually die and she’d finally be at peace and out of the hell of a life that had broken her down to the entity of nothing that she was.

“Mathew, Alfred! Get out to the car!” came Oliver’s voice through the hall.

“The second he’s not around you’ll be in trouble.” Alfred hissed in her ear before walking off muttering irritated under his breath.

Mathew tugged on a lock of her hair before walking off as well. Oliver walked over and apologized for their actions. She shook her head and sighed, it didn’t matter. She was nothing, broken, however they acted yielded no profit, nothing, so why stop them?

---------- ------------ ------------

Her days went pretty much the same. Alfred and Mathew tormented her, Oliver stepped in and stopped them. They threatened her and walked off and bullied her later. But each afternoon before Oliver got there things seemed to get rougher and harsher. But they never finished things, she didn’t understand it. They must be really sadistic, they wanted to prolong her pain.

She was used to sadism, since life was the biggest Sadist of all and it liked to play with her.

Though one day she knew things were going to get serious…Oliver was absent.
The next part is finally here~

Let me know what you think

I don't own hetalia, 2P America, Canada or England
I don't own you.
I do own the story and ideas
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