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The intercom went off, “Now boarding flight 401 to Sydney.” And (Name) stiffened, she had lived in (home country) all of her life and in the same city for most of it, and now she was going to be moving halfway across the world. Needless to say she was nervous. She looked at the man who sat beside her he had a bright grin on his face. His hair was wild and unkempt and he had on a winter coat. But beneath it (Name) knew that he had on a light T-shirt and would be changing into shorts mid-flight. She had on a long skirt and wool tights which mid-flight she would be removing so when they landed they wouldn’t be sweltering. That was going to be a big change for her; she had been from the northern hemisphere so to be wearing a full summer outfit in mid-December was really weird. But for Jett she would do it.

Jett Kirkland was her husband they had been married for about three months and that three months after their honeymoon had been spent packing everything and shipping it off to his home country and getting ready to move there. He was going home and she was leaving the only home she’d ever known. It wasn’t much of a home, she hardly had any ties that held her, just sentimentality. So it really wasn’t much to leave behind, just her whole life. She knew that she would have an accent and that there would be some cultural differences, but she knew that with Jett by her side she could handle it. He held her hand tightly.

“Are you ready, my love?” he asked with another one of his signature grins.

(Name) blushed, him saying those two words in his delectable accent was almost too much for her to handle. It wasn’t just his accent and the fact that he was hotter than his home country mid-summer that made her fall in love with him, they were just bonuses and benefits of it. She smiled and nodded, she was nervous and he knew that. He wanted to be sure that she was happy in her new home. They got up and he picked up both of their carry-on bags.

“Your iPod is fully charged and you have plenty to read right?” he asked with a grin, “For when you’re not unconscious on my shoulder…drooling all over my T-shirt.”

She punched his arm, “Jerk.” She teased and he just stuck his tongue out.

She checked her purse and pulled out their tickets as they lined up. She bit her lip but steeled herself, they were doing this and she could handle it. They turned their tickets in and got onto the plane she had never flown overseas before…in fact she had only ever flown once before with Jett on their honeymoon. He’d flown overseas many times in his life so he wasn’t scared. He knew that (Name) was though, so he was being very conscientious of how his new bride was feeling. They found their seats and he put their carry-on bags in the overhead compartment as she sat down.  He had gotten first class seats so she could relax easier. Jett sat beside her and held her hand.
“Ready to go?” he asked softly.

“I don’t know.” She murmured honestly, “Still nervous…but I’m okay…I can do this.”

“You know I can handle it if you need to squeeze my hand tight.” Jett said and kissed her temple.

(Name) smiled and moved a lock of light brown hair out of his face, “I know.” She said and leaned in pecking his lips, “I’m excited to be starting a life with you, though, I love you.”

“I love you too, my Quokka.” He said softly and pecked her nose making her blush and smile, “There’s that smile.”

“You always make me smile.” She said blushing a little.

“And I hope I always do.” He said and nuzzled her nose.

“Stay as sweet as you are right now, and you have my word you will.” She said and pecked his lips.

An older couple was passing by them at that moment and smiled at the pair of obvious newlyweds making (Name) blush. Old couples always did that, seeing young couples, it wasn’t that (Name) was embarrassed; it was just that she was shy. She hid her face in Jett’s shoulder and he chuckled and kissed her head.

“My old friends are excited to meet you.” He said with a smile when she’d recovered from her shy moment.

“I’m looking forward to meeting them too.” She said with a smile, “I’m looking forward to a clean slate in a new place too.”

He smiled and pecked her nose. They buckled up and she gripped his hand as they began to taxi down the runway. It was time. She looked at Jett who gave her a comforting smile she nodded that she could handle it. Though when they began to ascend her breath hitched a bit and she gripped his hand tightly. He held back and nuzzled her. Once they were in the air she was okay but that moment of take-off terrified her.

“You okay?” he asked.

She nodded and smiled tiredly as the true flight began, “Yeah…I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that…” she said.

“Well, we’re on our way.” He said, “This will be a long flight, relax, after this you’ll be able to handle any plane ride.”

She giggled, “I’ll just have to take your word on that.” She teased and poked his nose.

He grinned and put his arms around her shoulder pulling her close, she nuzzled him. She was nervous as could be about this but she knew with her husband by her side she could handle this. She smiled sweetly at him and pecked his jaw before closing her eyes, might as well nap when she could.

--- -- ---

(Name) woke up a few hours later with Jett shaking her, she gave him a soft glare for waking her, “Come on, (Name) they’ll be serving dinner soon, so we should change into our summer clothes now.” He said, “They have blankets if we get chilled…want to do it before everyone else smart enough to know to do this thinks to.” He whispered.

She nodded and he stood up letting her take her coat off and walk down to the bathroom. She needed to pee as well. She stripped her wool tights off after and then headed back to her seat, now in a comfortably cool summer outfit. After she sat back down Jett went and changed while she stole a sip of his soda to wake herself up. She looked around, most people were sleeping peacefully except for a businessman tapping away on his lap top and a woman doing needle-point, how she managed to get that onto the plane (Name) had no idea. She sat back in her seat and took a deep breath, so far being up here so high in the sky wasn’t bothering her, but that was probably because she had been unconscious through most of it.

Jett came back in a pair of shorts and his T-shirt and sat beside her pecking her cheek, “How are you holding up?” he asked.

“I’m trying to forget where I am.” She laughed softly, “Not letting it freak me out too much.”

“What did I tell you?” he asked with a cheeky grin, “If you just relax you’ll do fine.”

“I don’t need your attitude.” She teased right back and pecked his cheek, “I’m just trying to keep myself calm.”

“I know babe.” He said, “And you’re doing a good job.”

“I’ve been unconscious this entire time.” She laughed.

“Well, if you remember when we got on the plane for our honeymoon you couldn’t relax enough to fall asleep.” He reminded her.

She remembered quite well as her reddening cheeks told him. She had been so scared she had nearly crushed his hand as they took off and landed and any time they hit turbulence she whimpered and gripped his fingers even tighter. He hadn’t teased her until after and had been a good source of support for her. He kissed her temple sweetly and told her everything would be alright whenever she needed to hear it. (Name) would forever be grateful for her new husband, he was such a wonderfully sweet man.

“So, you think you’ll like it back home?” he asked her.

He’d asked her this many times, she hadn’t taken too much convincing to agree to moving, but in many ways he worried he was making her do something she didn’t want to do. He would hate it if he had done that. She smiled at him.

“With you by my side I can handle anything, and besides, it’s too late now for second guessing.” She said with a reassuring smile.

“True.” He said, “But still, this is going to be a big change for you.”

“Yeah…it’s the dead of December and I’m in a summer skirt and tank top.” She said, “I can already feel the changes.”

He laughed, “Now you know how I felt when I moved to (country).” He said, “I was so confused as to why I couldn’t wear my thongs and board shorts out on New Year’s Eve…I had to wear a scarf and a coat!”

(Name) giggled, she supposed she would never get used to the slang term for flip-flops he used. She would always giggle and he would blush. She would have to save those giggles only for him though, didn’t want to offend anyone or put a target on her head as a foreigner…any more than her accent would. She had fallen for his accent and he for hers in many ways. He said he heard it every day when he lived there in her home country but there was just something about the way she used it. She supposed she would feel the same when they touched down…a sea of Australian accent but only one Jett accent. She smiled and pecked his lips.

“I love you Jett, and I am really happy to be moving with you.” She told him, “I really am. What better way to start off my married life then by giving myself a new background to live it in…and having a guide in my husband…well, all the better. I know I won’t get the run-around by anyone because I’ll have you by my side.”

He grinned brightly and leaned in capturing her lips all he could think was of how much he loved her.
The Transplant
Here it is my first attempt at an Australia story. I went with the name Jett bc it was the one I liked best of the options, idk how popular it is. But anyway, let me know what you think. I will be using Fahrenheit when temperatures are mentioned later on because I'm an American so it's easier for me but I will in parenthesis put Celsius for everyone else. :) Or maybe I'll reverse that and do Celsius regular and Fahrenheit in parenthesis, either way both will be included. And for this I'm not specifying a country, only that they are above the equator so the change is even more drastic on our reader. :D I'm sorry if you read my stuff are are below the equator...please pretend for me. :iconsweatdropplz:

Thank you all so much for reading, please comment what you think. :D I love you all. 

I do not own Hetalia, Australia or You. 
I do own the story, concept and ideas
I had a great time with Allan at his idea of a party for me. He was so sweet and I found out that the 2P’s really aren’t that scary. They were different and had short fuses, but they had senses of humor about themselves and their nations, something that I really appreciated. I stuck by either Allan or Ere, she was really cool. I felt lucky to have met her. I didn’t know if we would hang out much since school took up most of our lives and we went to different ones, but we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers to try and keep in contact.

So sitting outside of my house in Allan’s car I smiled at him and thanked him for a great time, “You’re so much nicer than everyone else I’ve met.” I told him and nuzzled his shoulder, “I would invite you in…but...I’m still nervous we might be seen since I’m sure Lizzie and Bella will be looking for me soon.”

“Next time, when you have a weekend free of them, then.” Allan said.

“Well, the baseball team and cheer leaders are going off to the game the next town over next Friday, so I should be able to have you over Saturday night, we can watch movies and just hang out.” I suggested.

“And maybe more~” he said and ran his hand along my leg playfully.

I squealed and shoved his arm, “Jerk.”

Allan chuckled and leaned in kissing my cheek, “Only if you want.” He said.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that.” I said, “But I do want to spend time with you.”

“We can definitely do that.” He said and leaned in pecking my lips, “Now get in there babe, you wanna rest up…you’re going to be accosted tomorrow as to why you left early.”

“And I’m going to be honest, I didn’t want to be there, it wasn’t really a party for me.” I said.

“And they won’t listen.” He added.

“Then they’ll bring up Alfred and why I slapped him.”

“And you’ll tell them it was sexual harassment if not assault…”

“Because it was unsolicited.”

“And they won’t listen.”

“So I’ll end up just sitting there, sighing and rolling my eyes.”

“And wishing I was there to make you feel better.”

“So after they quit I’ll call you and you’ll make me smile.”

“You got it babe.” He said and pecked my nose.

“Thanks Al, you really do get me.” I said and pecked his lips and got out of the car, “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Not if I don’t call you first.” He teased and I blew him a kiss before shutting the door with a smile on my face.

I watched him drive off before heading inside. I felt so lucky to have a guy like him, he really did understand me. I smiled and set my bag of actual gifts down. One was still unopened it was a large manila folder from Oliver. I had an idea what it was and I had no idea if I was ready for it. I decided I would open it the next morning. But what if Lizzie and Bella showed up first thing? I needed to do it now. I went to the kitchen and brewed a cup of tea to sip as I read.

I stirred the sugar into my tea and sat at my kitchen table the still unopened manila folder so with shaking hands I picked it up. I opened it and slid the pages out, it was all the information I needed on Victoria. We really did look shockingly alike. I read up on why she was put there, she wasn’t even a really bad kid, sure she had gotten into some fights but mainly to defend herself because of the scar on her neck…the one that matched mine. I decided I would write her a letter and see if she responded. She had (another h/c) hair and eyes the same shade as mine…well, maybe a little darker and she had streaked her hair with vivid neon (color). She was obviously rebellious but only for some kind of attention…like most 2P’s. I grabbed some note-book paper and began to write.

Dear Victoria,

You don’t know me and I only know of you. My name is (Full Name) and I am your doppelganger of sorts. I’ve enclosed a picture so you know I’m not bull shitting you. I could go into detail as to why I know of you in this letter but I will say this I know you are much older than the 18 you look (or feel that way anyway), because I am too. And before you think I’m lying again, I don’t lie. Also, yes your parents know who I am, I have met them to express what we are and who we are and if they believed me they didn’t care enough about it to pull you out of that school and let you become who you really are. I don’t want to put that in this letter because it sounds a bit too crazy, but all I ask is for you to go into the library and do a bit of research on the history of (Nation Name). That’s where we are from.

And when I say we are very identical save for hair color I mean it literally…I have that scar too, you know the one I mean.

Please Reply,

-(Full Name)

P.S. This was the only thing I could think to do, for six years myself and another have been trying to convince your parents to listen to us and let you and I meet, but they would not listen, now that you are 18 I can contact you and you can choose to ignore me or listen. You could say we are sisters.

I sighed, I doubt this would work, but it was the only thing I could think of, there was no phone number and calling or emailing wouldn’t work because phone calls are most likely screened and you can fake any picture on the computer and when it came to polaroid photos those were harder. I got my camera and cleaned the makeup off of my scar and took a snapshot. I prayed this would work.

--- -- ---

At 11 AM the next day I was jolted awake from a very pleasant dream by someone knocking on my door. I groaned, I knew who it was. I got up and rubbed my eyes. I walked into my living room and stashed away the info on my 2P and went to the door. Peeking out confirmed it all, it was Lizzie and Bella. I opened the door and steeled myself.

“Where did you disappear to last night?!” Bella demanded.

“Here,” I said simply, “I came home.”

“Why, did you not like your party?” Lizzie exclaimed.

“My party? I want you to think who besides you and maybe like one or two other people were there just for me and not just some random party to drink and hook up at?” I asked not in the mood to play nice, “I didn’t want a beach party, I told you as much beforehand, if I were to have a birthday party I would rather on my birthday I be the one who is the center of the party’s attention.”

They were stunned, “Everybody likes beach parties…” Bella began.

“I do too, when they’re not masquerading as anything but that.” I said.

“We wanted to show you a fun time.” Lizzie said.

“You failed.” I said, “No one was there for me.”

“Alfred was!” Bella said.

“Don’t even bring that person up!” I said and set my hands on my hips, “And don’t you even defend him for what he did! That was sexual assault!”

“What?!” They cried.

“I did not want that kiss, I did not consent to that kiss, it was unsolicited and assault!” I said my eyes blazing.

They just stared at me, “But he likes you…” they began.

“I don’t care! Just because someone likes me doesn’t mean I have to let them kiss me or touch me whenever they want when I don’t want it.” I said, “No means no. And until he learns that, I won’t even give him a passing thought of anything other than a nuisance.”

They stared at me in shock, I had never been so outspoken about my feelings before, it felt good to be honest. I gave them a look to try and explain those things away.

“I’m sorry.” Lizzie said.

“Me too.” Bella agreed.

“It’s okay.” I said with a sigh, “You two are my friends and I know you want to see me happy, but maybe instead of just forcing Alfred on me, maybe tell Alfred that if he wants any girls attention…well any girl of substance he needs to get his act together.”

“We still don’t get it…” Bella said, “I would love it if someone kissed me by surprise.”

“Wait until it happens to you.” I said.

“You are so weird.” Lizzie said, “We’ll try and understand what you want better, but still, maybe he wouldn’t resort to such means if you gave him a chance.”

I opened my mouth to argue but shook my head, it would do no good, “Look let’s just drop it today, I was tired last night and wanted to come home so I did, that’s it.” I said with a soft sigh.

“Whatever you say.” They said at the same time.

“Look, we’ll talk later, we’re on our way to our last major practice before next weekend’s game.” Lizzie told him.

“Okay.” I said.

“We wish you had joined…you would love the hotel we stay in.” Bella exclaimed as they left.

Once they were out of ear shot I murmured under my breath, “I’d rather yank my teeth out with a wrench.” I shut my door and went back to my bed, I was exhausted after last night and what had just happened.

But I checked my phone and saw a message from Lili.

Lili: Hey girl, call me around 2, I should have big news then!

I grinned and sent a text back.

Me: I will. Love you girl.

I knew what she was alluding to she was taking her driver’s test today. I knew she could do it, I mean she had Vash tutoring her at home and with someone as structured as him she should have no trouble. I yawned and stretched before rolling over and drifting off back to sleep I would call her to find out and then call Allan to chat about my stresses. I was looking forward to next weekend no worrying about Alfred or his cheering squad and I could just spend time with Allan in full on relaxation. It would be wonderful.
Secret Lovers part 13
Here is the next part. What does everyone think? Are Bella and Lizzie ever going to get it? Will Afred back off? Will Victoria believe (Name) and write back? Will Lili pass her driving test? Find out the answers to all this and more on the next SOAP. 


Sorry, old TV show quote moment. It was an epic show. A sitcom mocking soap operas so...yeah...awesome. 

Anyway, let me know what you think and comment. I love comments and those that leave them. 

I do not own Hetalia, 2p America, Belgium, Hungary, Liechtenstein, or You.
I do own the story concept and ideas.
“Could you please help me find this address?”

Who knew such a simple question could change two lives forever…

--- -- ---

“Oi, (Name) could you bring me a beer? The game’s about to start.” Came the young (e/c) woman’s boyfriend’s voice from the living room of their flat in Dublin.

She giggled and shook her head, Irish men and their football. She grabbed a bottle of his favorite beer and opened them, setting them on their game day tray, piled high with chips and other snacks and his beer and her lemonade as well as a new novel for her. As her love always liked to tease, the only thing wrong with her was that she didn’t like football. She smiled as she set the tray down and sat beside him.

“So, when are you brothers going to get here?” she asked, she had yet to meet Ian’s brothers in their five years together and today would be the day.

“They’ll be here after the game is over.” He said, “Me oldest brother Alistair doesn’t want Arthur and I in the same room when the game’s on.”

“Because it’s England versus Ireland?” she asked with a giggle.

She wasn’t stupid, she had figured their secret out…mainly because she had answered the phone when Arthur was drunk and he kept asking for Ireland rather than Ian…and she confronted him about it. He admitted the truth and she accepted it. Though she did have to sign a waiver that she wouldn’t reveal said secret under any circumstances. She didn’t mind, who would believe her anyway, she hadn’t believed it at first. But his photo albums and everything…convinced her. She didn’t care that he was immortal and she wasn’t, though he did. They had discussed this before and the fact that he could pass that to any creature or person, and he wanted it to be her, but he never said it. It may be a bit crass to do so, but he planned on asking her to be his eternal companion if Ireland won.

But in all truth…he would only have the guts if he had the rush and high of something like that. He was so nervous she would say no. (Name) on the other hand was planning her own news for if Ireland won, she was pregnant…and didn’t have the guts to tell him. So if he was so excited after a major win of his nations team he might take the news better. She was nervous that he wouldn’t accept it. She leaned against his shoulder and smiled.

“I’m excited.” She said.

“You haven’t met them yet…” he laughed.

“Well, I’ve talked to Dylan on the phone.” She said, “He’s very nice.”

“Yeah, but Arthur’s a bastard…and Al will hit on ye.” He said.

She just laughed, “I’m with you.” She teased, “If he tries I’ll just French you in front of him.”

That made the Irishman laugh boisterously, he loved how spunky she was. She had the attitude of an Irish woman, even though she was (nationality). He pulled her close and kissed her temple.

“I love ye, ye silly thing.” He teased and nipped her nose.

She giggled and smiled softly nuzzling his shoulder, “You’re stuck with me.” She teased, “So it’s good you do.”

He smiled as she handed him his beer and picked up her book, “So I thought I’d make (favorite meal) for dinner tonight, I’ve got the (protein) out of the freezer and thawing.” She said.

“Sounds good. I have to admit, you’ve turned me onto it.” He said as the game began.

“And now to immerse myself in a book and speak to you during commercials only.” She teased.

“Huh?” he asked teasingly sticking his tongue out.

“Cheeky.” She said and flicked his nose playfully.

He nipped at her finger cutely and she giggled as she began to read. She knew he got into the games but didn’t jump up and get all out of it, not with her in the house, he used to…but when he woke her up when she’d dozed off in his lap and knocked her off the couch…and felt her wrath…he’d learned to tone that down. If they won he would allow her a moment to get off of his lap before jumping around happily. The memories of each silly little dance move he did made the girl giggle; he was too cute for words. He looked at her confused before his eyes returning to the game, she was always up in her head, he liked that though.

(Name) adjusted to where her head was on his thigh as she read her book. He drank his beer and snacked a bit as the game went on and she finished her book. With nothing else in mind to do she rolled over and fixed her eyes on the TV. Might as well. As usual she didn’t understand the game. She was getting better at that, but it was still hard sometimes. She smiled at the thought of the smile she hoped would appear on his face when she told him she was pregnant. She nuzzled his leg a bit.

“Bored already?” he asked during a commercial.

“Always, but I am getting a bit better at understanding it.” She rolled back over to look at him, “It’s easier to understand than American Football.”

“I’ve tried…I still don’t get that. And I just have to say…you putting up with me and this…
not many would.” He said.

“And the fact that I at least support Ireland doesn’t hurt now, does it?” She giggled.

“Not in the least.” He leaned down and pecked her lips before his eyes returned to the game.

--- -- ---

(Name) must have fallen asleep because she awoke to her Irish boyfriend shaking her. She groaned and opened her eyes. His green eyes were glittering in a way that could only mean one thing.

“We won?” she asked with a smirk as she sat up.

He jumped up and cheered confirming it, “Aye we won!” he cried making her giggle.

She grinned happily and stepped back as he did his victory dance. She gathered up the dishes and giggled and went to the kitchen to get be sure that she had lemonade enough for all of his brothers. She didn’t hear Ian come in behind her and jumped a bit when he grabbed her wrist and kissed her deeply. Her eyelids fluttered shut though and she kissed back. When he pulled away she saw that light of love in his green eyes that made her weak in the knees. He gently stroked her cheek.

“God you’re beautiful (Name).” he said, “I can’t believe ye chose me of all people. And I can’t believe I had to make that silly bet with me-self.”

That last part was under his breath but she heard it all the same. She blushed a bit, what was he talking about. Sometimes after games his emotions were on high so they had sex, but his brothers would be there soon, so they couldn’t risk that. She tilted her head and bit her lip, that look was so sexy. He bit his lip and nodded like he was psyching himself up for something.

“Close yer eyes (Name).” he said softly.

She was confused but she did as he requested. While her eyes were closed Ian pulled the ring box out of his pocket and opened it inside was a simple ring, a modestly sized diamond offset by two gemstones one the emerald of his eyes and the other the beautiful (e/c) shade of (Name’s) it was set in white gold with rose gold accents around the main stone. He smiled it was perfect and as a nation he could afford it. He nodded and got down onto one knee and took a deep breath.

“Okay, open your eyes (Name).” he said his face aflame and he was so nervous but he was sure that she would say yes.

(Name) opened her eyes and gasped her hands over her mouth when she saw him. She felt tears prick her eyes and could barely speak she was nodding before he could even ask.

“(First Name)(Last Name), would you marry me?” he asked, “I need you, not only are you good luck with football, but you make me smile and laugh, and you are always here when I have a bad day, you are sensitive and sweet and make me feel human, you are beautiful, funny, kind…just the perfect woman for me…and I don’t want to go another day in my life without you…please, please say yes.”

(Name) laughed and said yes before he stood up and hugged her as she began crying in joy softly. He held her close and slid the ring onto her finger. She kissed him deeply. And he kissed back their joy radiating around them. Their kiss quickly turned passionate as she leaned back against the counter and dug her hands into his red hair. She moaned softly as he squeezed her hips and slid his tongue into her mouth. She pulled him nearer and gasped as she felt how much he loved her. Her face was flushed as usual. The only thing that broke them apart was someone banging on the front door.

“Ian open the door you git!” came a British voice.

“Dammit.” (Name) cursed.

“Aww, you wanted me that bad?” Ian teased her covering his own disappointment.

“You’re one to talk, might want to go flaccid before you answer the door.” She playfully shot back and pushed him off of her, “I’m going to go and fix myself up.” She said, “Don’t want it too obvious do we?” she asked and handed him a napkin, “You got my lipstick smeared all over you.” She teased.

He nodded and wiped his face as she went to fix her face a bit. Washing the excess lipstick from her face and reapplying it as well as brushing her hair. Ian went to the front door and answered it finding his three brothers there.

“Hello Al, Dylan…Loser.” He said smirking at Arthur who shot him a glare as the trio walked in, “(Name’s) just freshening up.” He wanted to quell any inquiries as to whether she was even real or not.

“Wow it’s clean in here…didn’t expect that.” Alistair commented, “Aren’t you usually all over the place during football matches.”

“Not since he knocked me off the couch one too many times when I was supposed to be cuddling up to him, he had to calm down real quick.” (Name) said from the hall as she leaned against the doorframe with a smirk.

“You had to tell them that?” Ian asked shooting her a playful glare.

“Would you rather I lie?” she asked, “I could make up some crazy story that your wild fits come from watching Real Housewives…and you know I could make it believable.” She smirked making him laugh.

“Fair enough.” He said and she walked out and he introduced her to his brothers, “This is Alistair, Dylan, and the Loser…I mean Arthur.”

Arthur gave him a glower and said, “Now see here…” he said and was about to go off into a rain when he saw (Name’s) look of challenge for starting stuff.

“I’ve made sure this place looks nice for tonight…don’t mess it up.” She said with a smile to her warning.

Arthur backed down and the other two looked at her in shock.

“I like her.” Alistair said as she and Ian sat down on their couch she crossed her legs comfortably and smiled.

“She is not one to mess with…but she’s a lot of fun.” He said.

“Is that all I am for you?” she teased him, “Fun?”

“Of course not.” He said and pecked her cheek, having no fear.

“Good because if it was I would have to give this back…” she began and examined the ring on her finger, “And it’s a bit too pretty to just toss away.”

He laughed but blushed a bit because that just showed his brothers he’d proposed in her own way. He had no idea how to do it and it was like she knew he didn’t know and decided to do it for him. He leaned in and whispered his thanks as shock settled in on his brothers.

“Congrats.” Dylan said, he was the first to speak, “When did that happen?”

“About five minutes before you got here.” Ian laughed making (Name) giggle.

They sat around and chatted for a while them getting to know their future sister in law and she getting to know her future brothers in law. Even after the initial friction that wasn’t really friction with Arthur they began to get along. She knew how to gel with them then he asked the question.

“How did you two even meet?” Arthur asked.

“You wanna tell it?” She asked Ian with a smirk.

“Up until the when you’ll interrupt me, sure.” He laughed then turned to his brothers, “Okay, so I was walking down the street and someone stopped me, asking me to help them find their way somewhere. You’d think she’s have a map or ask anyone but me, she had no idea who I was.”

“I was here for college and had no idea where I was going…and it was either you…or some crotchety old dude, I think it worked out that I broke into your oh so important thoughts.” She said.

“True, so I walked her to where she was going and we were chatting…well I was mostly talking…” he said.

“About football.” She injected, “Some random (Nationality) girl you’ve never met and you chat her up with football.”

“Ireland had lost to England I was understandably upset!” he defended, “So when we got there I made the mistake of saying, ‘Wow, you’re the only girl I’ve met from (Country) that’s as interested in football as me…’…and…”

“I told him, “I don’t really care about football, I just wanted to listen to you talk’.” (Name) said, “I gave him my number and said if he ever wanted someone to listen to him drone on again and just be entranced because he’s cute with a sexy accent to call me…and he did…the next day.”

The group laughed and Ian blushed as did (Name) she hugged his arm, “The rest is already history.” He said with a grin.

“Well, you can’t say she’s not honest.” Alistair said.

“I just don’t have control of my mouth sometimes.” She said with a laugh, “Thankfully he doesn’t mind.”

--- -- ---

Later that night way after the trio of brothers left and (Name) and Ian were lying in bed together after a moment of passion. It was nearing midnight and she was nuzzling into his bare chest.

“I love you (Name).” he said playing with a strand of her (h/c) hair.

“I love you too Ian.” (Name) said as she drew circles on his chest with her fingers, “You know, you’re not the only one who made a bet with themselves to do something hinging on Ireland winning the game…”

“Oh?” he asked and looked down at her.

“Yeah…how do you feel about redecorating the spare room?” she asked, it was where he kept a lot of his football stuff.

“Why would we need to do that, love?” he asked confused.

“Well…it’s the only other room…and we’re going to be needing a nursery soon…” she said and looked up at him biting her lip and smiling softly her eyes glimmering with hope and nerves.

“Ye don’t mean…” he began shock filling his face and she nodded, he sat  up with her and gripped her arms and looked her dead in the eyes shocking and worrying her a bit, “Yer not joking are ye?” he asked his accent thick.

“No I’m two months along.” she said a small hopeful smile still on her lips.

He covered that smile with his own smiling lips as tears began to roll down his cheeks. He broke away and grinned happily wiping the tears from his cheeks.

“Oh (Name)…I’m so happy…” he said and kissed her again holding her tight, but not too tight.

She hugged back so happy. Who could have guessed that asking some random guy on the street in Dublin would change her life so much and lead to a world she would never have known and given her a life she had always dreamed of but never thought would happen. She loved him and he loved her and they would love the little boy or girl who was growing in her belly at that moment.
IrelandxReader Forever
Aww, Ireland is such a cutie...and Irish accents are so freaking hot. :blush: Sorry, they just are. 

So what do you all think? Please comment and let me know. Comments mean so much to me. :D I will love you forever if you comment!

I do not own Hetalia, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Arthur, or You.
I do own the story, concept and ideas
The days went by and (Name) was on her toes at all times and limiting her intake. She had dropped a bit of weight which did not go unnoticed by her two masters, they had complimented her. So she felt she was doing the right thing in this, even though she was starving when she went to bed most nights, she considered the pain a sign that she was doing right. She looked in the mirror and was happy by her loss, but she still needed to lose more to be better for her two beloved Italian Masters. She got up each day and ate fruit and skipped lunch, at most she had some crackers, then at dinner it was only a half serving of the vegetables she made for her Masters and if she was too hungry she would have a small piece of bread. It was hard to handle but for her Masters she could do it.

“(Name) are you okay?” Italy said one day, “You seem tired.”

“I’m fine.” She said and smiled softly.

“Are you sure?” Romano asked as he walked into the sitting room.

“I’m sure Masters.” She said and stretched a bit, “I’ve just been working really hard to get things ready for your painting sessions.”

“And we are grateful.” Italy assured her, “Just please don’t stress yourself.”

“I’m not stressing.” She assured them as the washing machine buzzed, “Sorry, I need to get
the washing out on the line.”

“It’s fine. Our first model will be arriving to be painted tomorrow.” Romano said.

“Okay, for which of you Master?” (Name) asked and her heart broke a little as the Italian whom she harbored a secret affection for raised his hand, “I’ll get everything set up after I hand the laundry out to dry.”

“Grazie.” They said and she hurried off, one day she would look like those models and he would want to paint her again.

--- -- ---

(Name) was finished setting up the studio and her Masters were pleased, she loved it when she was able to make them happy. She walked into the sitting room to ask what they wanted for dinner when they informed her they would be eating out that evening. She nodded, she had a love-hate relationship with them doing this. It was a time where she could polish and dust and maybe even read a bit when she was done but she also felt like It was a way for them to tell her they wanted away from her. She smiled and nodded.

“That Spanish bastardo will also be joining us here for drinks and dessert. But he won’t be at dinner with us.” Romano told her.

“Should I bake a cake, sirs?” she asked politely.

“That would be a good idea.” Italy said, “And bring up a good bottle of wine.”

“Of course Masters.” (Name) said, “It would be my pleasure to do as you wish.”

They smiled and went to get dressed. They were meeting with women, she had a sinking suspicion, they never came out and told her that was what they were doing, but they always acted this way when they were meeting with women for dinner. None of them were serious endeavors, merely dates and tine to enjoy themselves with female company. (Name) knew that this shouldn’t bother her, they were her Masters after all and with one of them it didn’t bother her severely, but with the other, the one whom she felt those rule-breaking emotions of love for, it hurt so bad that he would want to spend time with any other woman but her. But why should he want her? She couldn’t even be a good model for his art. She hurried to get the wine so it could breathe for a few hours and begin on her cake. She would never half-ass, she lived to please and serve her Masters.

They left shortly after she had brought the wine up. (Name) was alone once more. She took a deep breath, at least she could make them happy when they came back. She would make the best cake they had ever had. She would resist letting her thoughts get to her. For once she was thankful for her rumbling stomach, how could she dwell on thoughts that hurt when she could barely hear them over her stomach noise. She decided she would polish in the den that day after getting her cake in the oven. Mixing a cake was tough when all she wanted to do was eat the batter, it smelled so good. She got it into the oven and hurried to polish, the scent would block the delicious smell of a baking cake.

It was hard to say what feeling was more prevalent at that moment, the hunger for the cake she had put into the oven or the nausea that the polish was causing. She sighed and stretched a bit as she continued, maybe if she were lucky her Masters would allow her a slice of cake. No that would be the worst thing ever because that was counterproductive to her weight loss goals. She sighed and took a deep breath, she didn’t know what to do anymore. She wanted to make them happy, but at the same time she felt sick so often. Why was this polish making her dizzy…it never used to…

--- -- ---

Someone was shaking her…(Name) awoke to a pair of green eyes she knew so well. But what was Spain doing here? He wasn’t supposed to be here until after her Masters got home…and he usually only showed up thirty minutes before they did because he likes to be there to greet them, habit from raising a young nation. The young maidservant sat up and shook her head to get the sleep out of it.

“Are you alright (Name)? What happened?” He asked and  then saw the polishing rag in her hand and the (thankfully) sealed bottle beside her.

“I don’t know…I just got so dizzy…” she said and shook her head again.

“Why? Isn’t this the stuff you always use?” he asked and sat her up into a more comfortable position.

“Si…but, I guess I’m a bit more sensitive right now…” she said and then jumped up, “Oh no, my cake!”

“I took it out when I got here, I came in through the kitchen.” Spain said and then stood taking hold of her and leading her to a couch, “You need to relax.”

“I can’t…I have so much to do.” She said.

“No. Health first!” he said seriously and gave her a stern look, “Just sit here and relax, I’ll go make you something to eat, you might need to fill your stomach.”

“No…I don’t need to eat…I’ll be fine.” (Name) began to protest but stopped when Spain gave her another hard look, he was insistent on taking proper care of her.

She just sighed and sat back, she would just have to deal with her diet being challenged for a night. She would have to do something about it later on…work out? Maybe, if it was too heavy she may even have to purge…she didn’t want to do that, it’s disgusting, but she was making such good strides. She took a deep breath and tried to stand only to stumble backwards with an ‘oof’, that called Spain back in he had a glass of water. She thanked him and tried to take it but her hand was shaking too hard to hold the glass without spilling.

“You’re very weak.” Spain said, “Have you been sick lately?”

He may have asked, but he knew, he could see it in her eyes, he knew she hadn’t been eating right. He had seen this with a girl in one of the dance classes he taught and she was honest with him and he had helped her. He sighed and helped (Name) drink.

“I’ll be okay.” (Name) tried to assure him, “I’m just tired.”

“I’m going to make you a simple meal, but you have to promise me you will try and eat all of it.” He said and gently stroked her cheek with care.

“I will.” She said.

He went and made her a simple sandwich with some leftover soup. So many carbs…and fat…was all that (Name) saw. He set it in front of her and she picked up the sandwich as he sat down across from her. She couldn’t get away with only nibbling and throwing the rest away, she would have to eat. Spain watched her eat almost every bite, noting her slight resistance to keep going but her carnal desires to keep eating took hold. He saw the disgusted look in her eyes as she looked down at the near empty plate. Spain tilted his head, she needed a friend, hopefully he could be that, he wanted to be there for her. He moved to sit beside her.

“I know what you’re doing.” He said shocking her, “And I have an idea why. It must be hard with them paying so much attention to those models…but ignore someone who truly cares completely for them, isn’t it?”

(Name) just stared at him in shock her stomach twisting in shock and nerves.
Bound Servitude: Italians: Part Five
Here it is, the next part. I hope it lives up to expectations. 

Spain is being a doll, isn't he?

Please comment. 

I do not own Hetalia, Italy, Romano, Spain, or You
I do own the story, concept, and ideas
Okay so I've been plotting out a new story. It will be a bit more light hearted so far in my planning. The only question remaining is the name I should go with. In the sense as the character had no cannon I have to make a judgement call...and hope the masses are pleased. Lol.
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Okay so I've been plotting out a new story. It will be a bit more light hearted so far in my planning. The only question remaining is the name I should go with. In the sense as the character had no cannon I have to make a judgement call...and hope the masses are pleased. Lol.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: The TV
  • Reading: My Old Fics (need that spark of inspiration from s
  • Watching: Daria
  • Playing: Cooking Mama 4
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  • Drinking: H2O

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