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I haven't made an entry in a while so I decided to update all you lovely people. 

My Papa: He is still around and in Hospice at home. He's hanging in there, he's very confused a lot of the time, but that is to be expected with his condition. So far he hasn't gotten REALLY bad, but he isn't exactly staying steady with his mental facilities. It is hard but I am being as strong as possible, this would be why I'm not updating my stories a ton. But I am trying...speaking of...

My Stories: As you may know I have started up Bound Servitude: Italians, and I hope you will all enjoy it. I am just about done with the 2P!France Story, and I am continually working on the 2P!America story. I am working on an America fic, and another 2P! fic, but I will not tell you the character just yet. I want it to be a surprise. Let me know your opinions on them and just let me know. 

Halloween Special Fic: I am planning on doing a special fic as usual, but I want to know what supernatural creature you all may want, let me know in the comments: Vampire, Witch, Were-animal, Ghost, etc. Let me know, the one with the most comments will be it and maybe I'll do the others after Halloween. :D

Any questions feel free to ask. 
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Arthur stayed for an hour or so before leaving with a promise to try and keep Alfred under control. I doubted that he could but it was a nice sentiment none the less. I called Alan and spoke to him about it.

“Do you think anything good will come of this?” I asked him.

“It’s worth a shot babe.” He said.

I sighed and bit my lip, I hadn’t told him about Lili and I’s plan. I had to tell him though, so he wouldn’t wonder or worry about us. I took a deep breath.

“Hey Al, I need to tell you something.” I said nervously.

“What is it, babe?” he asked nervously, he was worried about what I wanted to tell him.

“You know how my birthday is coming up soon, well Lizzie and Bella want to A) Throw me a HUGE party the Saturday after, so I’ll need rescue from that….” I began.

“I think I can work something out.” He said.

“I knew I could count on you.” I said with a giggle.

“Anything else?” Allan asked, “I can tell there’s more.”

“Yeah, they are already orchestrating getting Alfred to ask me out, and the only way to get out of it, is to go on a date with a different guy…” I said and before Alan could volunteer himself, “In public…s-so it can’t be you…so Lili and I were talking and she’s going to get Vash to ask me out, take me to a light dinner and then go back and watch a movie with Lili on Friday night. W-Would th-that bother you?”

All was quiet for a minute before Allan answered, “No, it wouldn’t bug me because I get the situation. I would rather it be me taking you out but I know he won’t make a pass at you.”

“Yeah.” I said, “And he doesn’t like Alfred, so…it’s perfect…well, as close as we will get for now.”

“Yeah, don’t worry doll, you won’t have to spend hardly any time with that idiot on your birthday weekend.” Alan said.

“I’m so thankful for that…” I said with a relieved sigh, “Because it’s just more time to spend with my truest of friends. Hopefully Vash agrees.”

“If not, you can claim cramps or something. Guys always back off there.” He chuckled.

“Ha! If I didn’t know you were kidding I would claim patriarchy.” I laughed.

“Now, doll, you know I’m a real man.” He began, “I wouldn’t just buy you tampons, pads or whatever, I’d get your Midol for the pain and buy whatever snack foods your craving at the moment.”

“I don’t think you’ve ever been hotter to me.” I said, half serious, half joking.

“Hey, like I said, I’m a modern, real man.” He said with a grin to his tone.

How in the Hell was a guy like this hiding in plain sight like this? I felt so lucky to have snapped him up.

“And I wouldn’t even insist on a blow job afterwards. I’d merely suggesting it.” He laughed.

“You’re such a jerk.” I said cracking up.

And he had an amazing sense of humor too. He was so great.

“You know you like it~” he purred.

“You’re so lucky that I do.” I teased.

I did, I liked it a lot.

--- -- ---

I sat in my chem class in rapt anticipation for that Swiss I knew so well to enter the class, fingers crossed he had agreed to Lili and I’s plan. I saw his green flack jacket enter the room and I shook a bit nervously. He seemed about to pass right by me when he stopped.

“Lili talked to me…” he stated softly.

I bit my knuckle, “Yeah…” I said shyly.

“I’ll be seeing you Friday at seven.” He said with a miniature smile on his lips.

I grinned brightly and mouthed, ‘Thank you’, before saying, “Sounds good to me, hon.” I had a slight teasing tone.

He just shook his head with a slight smile on his face. He was a life saver to me. He walked off and sat in his seat. I was doing a happy dance in my head. I now had a tangible excuse to not go out with the blond American who had just walked in. He gave me a wide grin and sauntered over. I knew what he was planning on and I knew what I was planning on.

“Well hello there sweet thing~” he said with a wide smirk of a smile.

“Alfred.” I said curtly.

“So, honey, heard you had a big night coming up~” he said, “So, how about I take you out and make it a night that you’ll never forget~”

“Oh, I’m sorry Alfred,” I said not feeling sorry at all, “I already have a date.”

In front of the entire class I had just cut him down to size. It felt SO good to do; the look on his face was priceless. It was delightful.

“What?” he asked in shock.

“Like five minutes ago…” I took in a fake hissing breath through my teeth, before going on, “If you’d have been here earlier, you’d have beaten him to it…sorry.”

I resisted the urge to add ‘not sorry’ to that statement.

“Better luck next time.” I said.

“Damn, knew I should have called you yesterday!” he said and sat down.

I just shrugged, “Quick on the field, not on the draw.” I said.

He gave me a look, “I don’t get you.” He said.

“No you don’t.” I said.

Would this get him off my back?

--- -- ---

Nope. All day Alfred tried to impress me.

“I cannot believe it!” Bella said, “You’re going out with someone other than Alfie?!”

“Wasn’t fast enough. Cared too much for his ego, had to ask me in front of the class. It’s his loss, and his fault.” I said, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have reading to catch up on.”

I pushed past Bella and Lizzie and walked off.

“She’s upset about the date thing huh?” I heard Lizzie ask as I rushed off, yeah, not hardly.

I made my way to the west stairs and snuck in on the bell. I went around to where Al usually was. He wasn’t there. I was nervous and rather uncomfortable being alone,, what if someone saw me? I bit my lip and felt the urge to bolt when my cell phone vibrated. I saw that it was a text from Matt.

‘Matt: Hey he’ll be there in a few, getting bitched out by your chem teach.’

I sighed a bit in relief. I sent a text back thanking him for telling me. I sat down and opened my math book to start my homework, five pages of those complex equations. I knew that a test must be coming, because that was my teachers Modus Opperandai (M.O.), she would give excessive amounts of homework a few days before starting to review for it, so she would know exactly what needed the most reviewing. I doubted that any of my classmates had noticed this pattern, but I had. I had just completed this really difficult equation when I looked up to stretch my neck. I jumped, Alan was standing there grinning down at me.

“You are such a geek babe~” he chuckled.

“I’ve got Mrs. Lowell, she gave us five pages.” I explained and shut the math book.

He chuckled and lifted me to my feet. He pressed me against the wall a smile on his lips. He had a glint in his eyes unlike anything I had seen before. There was a caring, almost loving gleam to the look, a bit of lust and even a slight hint of pride. I flushed darkly at the intensity of his look, it was delightful and shocking. He gently stroked my cheek and tucked a strand of hair
behind my ear and leaned into my face.

“You know babe, watching you cut down that idiot today, was the hottest thing ever~” he purred.

I smirked my flirty side coming out once more, I fidgeted with his uniform jacket and smirked a bit, “Oh you liked that~?” I purred.

He cupped my cheek and pressed his lips against mine with a fervor like I had never felt. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer, loving the feel of his frame against mine. He held me close as possible, his desire for our physical connection was strong, and I loved it. I gripped him tightly and pulled away a bit panting a bit before kissing him deeply again before digging my hands into his hair. He held my waist and rubbed playfully. I moaned softly and pulled away panting softly. I could see that Allan was as well with his lips slightly parted and nicely built chest heaving a bit. He looked so sexy like that. I leaned in and kissed along his jaw playfully. I could feel his shock radiating off of him but the way he squeezed my hips I knew he liked it.

When I pulled from that he smirked at me, “Damn doll, where did that come from?”

“You being too sexy for words.” I giggled.

He chuckled, “I like getting to know you more and more each time you and I are together.” He told me softly.

He gently stroked my cheek and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear and smiled sweetly at me. The way he eyes held a glint when he looked at me. A glint that made me shiver in desire. Alan pecked my cheek and nuzzled my nose and smiled wider.

“Damn you are so cute when you blush at me.” He said.

I giggled, “Your face is red too~” I said and pecked his nose.

He scowled and I laughed and pecked his lips. I really enjoyed it when I could make him blush at the same time as he made me. He was just the guy for me.

We sat side by side and I asked him something odd, “If I had a 2P here…would you…you know…want to be with her rather than me?” I didn’t know why I asked him but I was nervous about losing him.

“No way babe, you’re so cute and just what I want.” He said laughing, “Why do you ask”?”

“I don’t know…I just…you make me happy…” I said, “I don’t want to lose that…”

“Doll, you won’t.” he assured my sweetly.

I kissed him, my joy radiating through my lips and into his. I knew then for sure, though the words would not yet pass my lips, I loved him, I loved Alan Jones.
Secret Lovers Ch. 8
He is so cute~ Isn't he? Lol. Let me know what you think. 

I do not own Hetalia, England, 2P!America, 2P!Canada, America, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, or You
I do own the story, concept and ideas

Please Comment
“Do you need any help Master Romano?” a young (h/c) woman said to the man in front of her in his art studio.

He was staring at a new canvas and had called for her. He motioned her over.

“I need am-a in need-a of a new model-a.” he said softly.

“Do you want me to get the list of prospects?” she asked with a kind smile.

“No, I want you to get into the outfit over there and model for me.” He said with a sincere smile.

“S-Si sir.” She said and nervously walked over to the costume he had set out.
It was simple, kind of sensual, but she liked it. But, she was scared, would it fit? All of his usual models were rail thin. She bit her lip as she tried to pull the skirt on, it barely went up and would not fasten. She felt tears well in her eyes as she knew that the top would not button around her breasts. She looked over at him as he set up his paints.

“M-Master…th…the outfit…it’s t-too small…” she stammered her face on fire.

Romano looked back at her and bit his lip, “I was afraid of that.” He said, not really meaning any insult, but that was how the young maidservant heard it.

She looked down, “I’m sorry sir.” She said bowing her head.

“It’s nothing.” Her Master said, “Get into your uniform, I shall paint you in that, just have to change the subject of the painting and the title.”

She nodded and got back into her green dress. She pulled on her white apron printed in tomatoes and fixed her white socks and black shoes. She walked over to him and smiled softly.

“I-I’m sorry I have to trouble you.” She said.

“It’s really not that much trouble, just a quick change to the surroundings, adding something into the background…nothing extravagant.” He explained and pulled out another few tubes of paint to add to his palate.

“O-Okay…” she said and walked over to the area he had set up.

She sat in the proper position and looked down at her body. She was too pudgy for this, and she was sure that her Master knew that. She bit a lip and held still. He looked at her and smiled softly and began to paint. She loved to watch him paint. It was true his works were never as widely appreciated as her younger Master Italy’s, but he still loved to paint and she enjoyed watching him paint. She smiled softly and he looked at her.

“That is the perfect facial expression.” He said, “Happy and serene.”

“Grazie Master Romano.” She said and held position.

--- -- ---

Italy sat down at his table and watched his servant move about setting the food out. She had been a bit later coming to make dinner for himself and his elder brother who was sitting beside him. Both of them had eyes on the young woman. She was quite talented when it came to regional cooking and made amazing homemade pasta. Even though (Name) accredited that to having been brought up by the pair of Italian’s before her, she did take pride in her skills as a cook. She set a serving dish of marinated tomato salad down within the reach of her southern Italian Master and smiled.

“Buono.” He said and she smiled at him.

“This-a looks-a great!” Italy cheered.

“Thank you Master Romano, Mater Italy. What kind of wine would my Masters like this evening?” she smiled softly at them.

“Chianti tonight.” Her golden eyed hot tempered Master said and his younger brother agreed.

(Name) hurried to the wine fridge to pull out their preferred wine and walked out pouring it into their glasses. She tried to ignore the topic of conversation.

“She didn’t quite fit into the costume I wanted her to wear.” Romano said.

“Well she is not the size of your usual models.” Italy replied simply.

“I know that. But I needed one.” He told his brother, “It was too late to call for a model sized model.”

“True. How did it turn out?” Italy asked.

Romano smiled softly, “Better-a than that last one I did with that model.” He said.

(Name) did not hear Romano’s kind reply as she had exited the room to keep composure. Did they think she was fat? Was her body displeasing to them? She looked down and bit her lip hard. Her (b/t) body had always bothered her. She was always ashamed of how she looked and she worried that this day would come when her Master’s would begin to become as disgusted with her as she was with herself. She didn’t know what to do, she would have to show them that she could be a pleasing servant to them despite her physical appearance. She began to make their dessert and sighed softly, this was where it started, she wouldn’t be eating desert for a while.

--- -- ---

Italy watched their servant leave with a small smile on his lips. That young woman made he and his brother’s life so very easy. She took care of anything and everything they needed, even any sexual needs. He and his brother had used her for this, and they hoped she did not find them unkind. He wasn’t one to exert power over her, but when he did that was how it ended up in a night of passion. He looked at his elder brother who was eating the tomato salad she had made.

“She is a fantastic cook-a, isn’t she?” he asked smiling.

“Si.” Romano said, “Makes-a life-a easy to have-a her in-a the kitchen.”

Italy nodded, he still loved to cook, but found that (Name) preferred to cook for them. So he satiated himself with designing to recipes and teaching them to her. She loved to learn and both men loved to teach her.

(Name) was in the kitchen working on decorating the cake and was getting ready to bring it out when she heard an exclamation from her elder master, “You are-a not-a having that potato bastard over again!”

She jumped and dropped the cake on the floor. She had cried out in shock. The plate was broken and the cake she had worked so hard on was all over the floor. She dropped to her knees with paper towels and began to clean it up as fast as she could. She didn’t realize that she had let out any sound until she heard her Masters enter the kitchen.

“(Name)?” Italy said, “Are you-a okay?”

“What-a happened?” Romano asked in shock.

(Name) looked up at them and tried to act like she wasn’t scared of his shouting. She bit her lip and decided to be honest.

“W-Well…I didn’t expect you to shout and you did…and it scared me…” she said and looked down.

It wasn’t as though he didn’t shout about Germany all the time, but random outbursts when she was already stressed out a bit…scared her. She looked down embarrassed.

“I’m sorry I dropped your cake…” she said softly, “I’ll bake another one…”

“Don’t-a worry about that.” Romano said in a tight voice, “We-a don’t need it tonight, we can just have gelato tonight.”

“Si, it’s-a okay.” Italy told her.

“O-Okay Masters, let me just clean this up and I’ll fix that for you two.” She said in a soft voice.

“Okay, (Name).” They said at the same time looking at her slightly worried, this was really unusual.
Bound Servitude: Italians Part One
IT'S HERE! The next installment of my Bound Servitude series! And this time we get the adorable, childish Romano and the surly but sweet Italy...or wait...scratch that, reverse it. Lol. I hope you all are excited to read this. Please comment. *hugs* 

I do not own Hetalia, Italy, Romano or You
I do own the story, concept and ideas
Dear (Name),

I couldn’t tell you this in words…I have to tell you though. I knew that he would act the way he did. That is how he always does things. Takes them to a café, flirts then fucks them. When you told me he took you to dinner…I knew why, it’s because you aren’t a ditz…he couldn’t just straight up charm your panties down…he had to act like a true romance master and wine and dine you to get you to fuck him.

But you didn’t, because you weren’t ready. I think you saw through him…I know you did, you’re more perceptive now than before. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you…how could I? I was growing to like having you around…grow close to you…and telling you that would ruin everything…and I didn’t want to do that.

And as I grew more attached to you…I knew that he would never notice. And though it may seem cruel…my reasons behind it will explain. I sent him that photo on purpose! I admit it and am so sorry…but the month would soon be out…and you would uphold our agreement…but you would not want it truly…and I couldn’t do that to you.

I regretted not telling you the truth of what he was and what would happen the second you walked out of Oliver’s room that night…I didn’t want you to go. And even though you probably hate me now…I have to tell you this now…

Over the time we have spent together I have fallen in love with you.

I hope one day you can forgive me.


(Name) stared at the letter, he had exposed them without wanting to…but he didn’t do it to rid himself of her…he did it for her. Her brain hurt from this revelation. He was in love with her, but he didn’t want to keep hiding their relationship just to have her body…he wanted her to want that too. Salacia put her head in her hands and groaned softly, she was upset, why hadn’t he just told her how he felt. She was able to answer that, because she was blinded by her love of Francis, she wouldn’t have believed him or thought it a joke.

Yet in dating Francis she had discovered that it was not him that she wanted truly. No in truth she wanted Francois, but she didn’t know how much. Again her heart answered for her, wholly, but after her recent shattering by Francis’s façade dropping to show how he really was, she didn’t want this to be a rebound, though she was sure it wasn’t, she didn’t want Francois to think that. She sighed and put her head into her hands. She sighed and decided to text Oliver to come and talk to her, she didn’t want to face anyone else at that moment, she knew that she could trust Oliver.

Only a few minutes later Oliver knocked on the guest room door, “Come in.” she called politely.

“(Name), Poppet, are you okay?” he asked walking over and sitting beside her.

“I don’t know Oliver…” she said softly, “I found this this morning.” She handed him the letter Francois had left her.

Oliver read through it and sighed softly, he knew how he felt and how (Name) felt for him, he looked at her and held her hand, letting her know that he was willing to listen when she was ready to speak. (Name) raised her (e/c) eyes to look at Oliver’s swirling blue ones, she knew in her heart how she felt for Francois, their faux relationship had turned real somewhere along the way.

“I do like him Oliver…maybe even love him…but…I don’t know…I don’t want him to feel like my rebound…” I explained, “I’d like to be with him again…but do you think he would really take me?”

Oliver smiled softly, “Why don’t you ask him yourself? Write him a letter if it would be easier.”

(Name) nodded and looked at him, “That would be easier…is he awake yet?” she asked.

“He’s been up for hours, he had to go to your place and get your overnight bag…again.” He chuckled.

She nodded, she didn’t care that he was going to be alone in her house, she trusted him. She looked at her hands and sighed, “I’ll write him a letter and leave it in his room…I can’t say what I want out loud.”  She explained.

Oliver nodded, “I’ll loan you some stationary, since yours isn’t here.” He said kindly and walked back to his room, coming back and handing it to her.

“Thanks.” She said with a smile and began to write.

Oliver left her alone to work on her letter. (Name) took time in her wording, there weren’t many cross outs but they were there because she thought that they sounded too formal. She bit her lip, she did want this man, but she didn’t want him to feel like a rebound. Of course she understood why he did what he did. And it’s not like Francis did anything other than hurt her feelings. Still, she was sure Francois was beating himself up over that. Finally it was done and she signed it and hurried to leave it in his room.

Dear Francois,

I do understand why you sent that photo to him, why you ‘let it slip’ that we were in a relationship of sorts. I don’t hate you and I don’t blame you. Francis had blinded me…I hate myself for that now. I thought he was the perfect guy. I thought he was funny, charming and sweet…but he’s not. He didn’t make jokes, or even laugh at mine, trying to break my moments of nerves…those little sarcastic quips I always come up with…the ones you laughed at. All he wanted to talk about at the café and dinner was you and I together, he thought I wasn’t a virgin because of you and he kept wanting to know everything about what we did and then at dinner he wanted to talk about himself…not like you. And when I told him I felt uncomfortable with something he kept pushing it…where as you would stop.

It was in that moment when I realized that everything I wanted and needed in a man…was not in Francis. Because he wasn’t the right one for me. Because…he wasn’t…

Because he wasn’t you Francois.

In that moment on his porch I saw for the first time where my heart truly lies, and it’s with you. All that night things felt wrong and I kept comparing him and you and he failed in all respects. I doubt that you were faking all that kindness and loving behavior with me because why would you in a fake relationship? I wish that I could have seen that before.

You are kind and sweet to me…and you’re fun to hang around and funny. You like to talk to me and tease me playfully and take my teasing prods at you. And you’re a fantastic kisser.

I want to be with you because the truth is…I’ve been falling in love with you too. I know how I feel now, but I am scared to start a real relationship with you because…I don’t want you to think that I would be using you as a rebound. Like before, could we take it slow, do things like we
used to and not worry about labels until we…well I am ready to place them on whatever this relation-date-ship thing will be.

Also, don’t expect sex right off. Ha-ha.

I hope you will understand, I am pretty sure that you will, so this is where I stand now. I thought you should know how I feel. I do love you…but I’m not ready to just announce a new relation-date-ship thing (a real one) between us just yet…I don’t think I could handle the stigma of it just yet. Please be patient with me, mon amour.


-(First Name)(Last Name)

I placed a kiss over his name, my lip balm leaving a mark and set it on his pillow and hurried out to see Oliver. I could sure use one of his sweets at that moment.
The One You're With Part Seventeen
Ooh, some fluffy love here! So sweet~ and reader is so shy~ 

I love using letters like this. I think the love letter is a lost art. Lol. 

Okay, please read, enjoy and comment. I love comments. 

I do not own Hetalia, France, 2p France, 2p England or You
I do own the story, concept and ideas
So every night I blast my music from my iPhone to jam myself to sleep. I know the songs I have on it by heart. My track list is as follows at the start:
  • Adrenalize (In This Moment)
  • American Boys (Halestorm)
  • Badfish (Sublime)
  • Chemistry (Semisonic)
That is it. That has been it since I last bought a song a few weeks ago. So I open it up and read down the list:
  • Adrenalize (In This Moment)
  • American Boys (Halestorm)
  • Badfish (Sublime)
But Badfish is NOT followed by Chemistry this time! It's followed by:
  • California (There is No Escape) by U2
  • Cedarwood Road by U2

I did not download ANY U2 songs...I don't even LIKE U2! But I had their ENTIRE NEW ALBUM! I did not buy it! I did not WANT it! 

So naturally I panicked and went to the store to figure out what happened...IDK why but I had to figure it out...and I am greeted with:


I do a search on google and find out that Bono and the new Apple CEO are besties so me and 500 Million fellow iTunes users got their new album for free.

I nearly had a heart attack...thanks Bono! Uggh!
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I haven't made an entry in a while so I decided to update all you lovely people. 

My Papa: He is still around and in Hospice at home. He's hanging in there, he's very confused a lot of the time, but that is to be expected with his condition. So far he hasn't gotten REALLY bad, but he isn't exactly staying steady with his mental facilities. It is hard but I am being as strong as possible, this would be why I'm not updating my stories a ton. But I am trying...speaking of...

My Stories: As you may know I have started up Bound Servitude: Italians, and I hope you will all enjoy it. I am just about done with the 2P!France Story, and I am continually working on the 2P!America story. I am working on an America fic, and another 2P! fic, but I will not tell you the character just yet. I want it to be a surprise. Let me know your opinions on them and just let me know. 

Halloween Special Fic: I am planning on doing a special fic as usual, but I want to know what supernatural creature you all may want, let me know in the comments: Vampire, Witch, Were-animal, Ghost, etc. Let me know, the one with the most comments will be it and maybe I'll do the others after Halloween. :D

Any questions feel free to ask. 
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hi, I'm Carlette some people call me Carly but i prefer my full 1st name lest you insist. lol. anyway....I am a 20 year old sophmore in college to become a school teacher. i am obsessed with 90s cartoons and kids shows, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Manga. My current anime obsession is Hetalia Axis Powers.

I love to write FanFic and other things, but FanFic is what i post the most...hey that rhymes...and that just reminded me, in every FanFic the leading lady is named after my alter ego Salacia. If you ask nicely you can call me that or Sal...but call me Sally and you die.

Also something i should note, i am outspoken and opinionated but the sense that i am damn sure I'm right but know that hey i might be wrong and if be it. and if i say something to upset you...please just leave it be...there is no point in calling out that i did not cater to your personal sensitivities. Also if you do call me on it i might just insult you again...on purpose. Just kidding...or am I? I was not raised to lie or sugar coat things so i tend not to do either this is just a warning to those who want me to do those's never gonna happen. If you want me to lie, say so, don't ask and expect one. If you want my honsest opinion...just be prepared to get what you asked for.

I will also make a note on my deviant name TSsweets...that the TS stands for Tourettes Syndrome. I have this disorder and thus am a highly functioning Autistic woman. this is an area that i am opinionated in. I have"disability"...all mother i hate that word...but that does not make me less than anyone else.

Also i am a pagan and i am not ashamed of this fact. i have no problem with Christianity or most of those who believe in it but i do have an issue when a person tells me i'm going to hell or they try to convert me. I don't down talk your religion or try to push mine on you I would love it if you would extend me the same courtasy.

Well...that's about all for now...oh wait i have a small obsession with the Russian language, culture and country. And Hetalia has made this obsession worse. :iconsexyrussiaplz:

Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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My Little Pony Personality Test!
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What Akatsuki Member Are You?
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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Host Are You?
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Current Residence: Right Behind You
Favourite genre of music: ANY as long as i like it
Favourite cartoon character: Daria or Jane
Personal Quote(s): "C'est La Vie" *such is life
"Drowning is my third favorite way to die, but zhey are all good." -Creepy Susie (the Oblongs)

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