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--- -- ---

(Name) and Francois walked into school on her eighteenth birthday, together as usual. They were often stared at but she no longer cared. She was happy with him, they didn’t use the word couple, or boyfriend, or girlfriend. That is what they were…but they didn’t label it. She wasn’t ready for that yet. He hadn’t mentioned a thing about her birthday…and she wondered if he had forgotten. Those fearful wonderings were muted as they walked up to her locker. A banner went down the length of her locker with the words ‘joyeux anniversaire’ painted on it with balloons along the sides and colorful glitter embellishments along the length (obviously Oliver’s handiwork).

She looked at Francois who was very nearly blushing and she smiled tearing up a bit, this was the first time in four years her birthday had been acknowledged in such a way. In fact it had hardly been acknowledged in any way save for the words “Happy Birthday” on a check and a card in her freshman year. When she got to the locker and looked at him again and was unable to speak.

“Joyeux Anniversaire.” He said with a kind smile.

(Name) couldn’t control herself, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full of love and passion, tears of thanks slowly leaking from her eyes. Francois pulled her into his arms and smiled softly as he kissed back. When they broke apart they smiled at one another.

“Thank you.” She said with a smile, “I haven’t had much to celebrate…glad I get to this year with…” she bit her lip, could she say it, it had been a few weeks and they had been dating, “My boyfriend…?” she said half-unsure but half assured.

Francois grinned and said, “Oh it’s boyfriend now~?” she blushed, “What if you don’t want to be now?”

She gave him an ‘are you kidding me’ look and said, “You have a funny way of showing me you don’t want to be…”

She motioned to the banner and he chuckled, “I thought you didn’t want labels, what changed?”

“I didn’t say we’d go around announcing it everywhere, but I’m confident this isn’t a rebound and I’d like it if we’d just be that title with each other.” She said.

“Call it your fourth birthday gift.” He said with a smirk.

“Fourth?” she asked cutely.

“Well, the banner, dinner tonight, the gift I bought and had Oliver wrap because I’m shit at it, and now being lucky enough to call yourself my girlfriend.” He said with a smirk.

She laughed and punched his chest softly and playfully, “Jerk.” She teased, “And I really didn’t expect you to do so much for me.”

“Hey, I’m a real class act.” He said and pecked her temple.

Salacia got her books, careful not to rip the banner as she removed it and stored it away,
to be sure that it wasn’t ruined. Then she and Francois began to walk off together hand in hand.

“You wanna know something I’m surprised about?” she asked in a teasing tone.

“What’s that?” he asked smiling at her.

“One of those gifts wasn’t a reference to your dick.” She said laughing.

He laughed, “I thought I’d make that a surprise.” He said.

“Are you sure I’d want it?” she asked.

“Hey, I never said it would be for sure, not like I’ll force you to accept it.” He said chuckling.

“Good, because I really don’t know if I’m ready for that just yet…” (Name) said.

“You were ready to give it up to me to get your old infatuation.” He said.

“I doubt I was ready then either…I was being desperate and….stupid…” She said and looked down embarrassed.

Francois kissed her temple, he would tease her about it but not hold it against her. He couldn’t wait to show her what he and his family had planned for her. Over the past few weeks (Name) had grown closer to the entire group and Matt and Al were treating her like a little sister and Oliver was like the best mother/father figure she could ever wish for. She was glad to have people she felt comfortable with.

--- -- ---

(Name) sat down on the pristine white sofa she had grown to know and even love after a nice dinner with Francois. Oliver had baked some cupcakes for her and she was opening gifts with them all after dinner. She pulled her low Mary-Jane heels off of her feet and smiled at the group around her. The American and Canadian were acting like they didn’t want to be there, even though they did deep down, she had discovered that below their uncaring and almost dismissive attitudes they were very protective and loving even. But they would never admit it, though if she were bullied they jumped to her defense. She had broken through the barriers of every person in the room, and they didn’t care that she had. And now that she was there she couldn’t get out, not that she wanted to.

Matt shoved a shoddily wrapped gift into her hands and she opened it, it was a flannel scarf, she ran her hand over it, it was so soft. She smiled sweetly and wrapped her arms around her neck.

“Thanks Matt, I really like it.” She said with a smile.

Matt gave a small smile, like it was hard for him, “I’m glad.” He said.

Al shoved a gift into her hands that was just as shoddily wrapped, but in different paper. She smiled and opened it up and smiled, it was a T-Shirt of her favorite band, a vintage concert T. She grinned at him.

“Thanks Al…I didn’t think you could still find these.” She said.

“No problem doll face.” He said with a grin, “I know where to shop.”

(Name) laughed and got up hugging both Al and Matt, they were both really sweet deep down. Oliver handed her a gift wrapped up so beautifully she almost didn’t want to open it. She carefully opened it and smiled sweetly, it was a replica ninth doctor sonic screwdriver. She had to grin, this was so sweet.

“Aww, it’s amazing Oliver.” She said with a grin and hugged him.

“I thought you would like it.” He said, “You’re always saying that he doesn’t get that much love and that he’s one of your favorites.”

“Thanks for actually listening.” She laughed, “I love the original seasons too, but they are so hard to find.”

Oliver nodded and smiled at Francois who looked like he was about to explode from embarrassment as he handed her a small square box. She smiled at him as she opened it. Inside was a silver charm bracelet with two charms on it, a small Eiffel Tower charm with a rose around it and a larger book charm with a purple stone shaped like a heart on the front.

“The book is obviously because of how much you enjoy reading and the Tour Eiffel is obviously kind of…” he couldn’t say it he was too embarrassed by his brothers smirking at him.

“You?” (Name) asked in a teasing tone.

“Oui…” he said in a soft voice.

She giggled and pecked his cheek, “You’re such a softie.” She teased.

“I bought a bigger one…but zhat comes later.” He said in an even smaller voice making (Name) tilt her head confused, “As well as one of the Arc de Triumph…but it comes when you finally see it…”

“See it?” she asked even more confused.

“I still have my family’s home in France…I go back every summer…I was going to ask if you wanted to accompany me…” he said softly.

(Name’s) eyes widened, “So I would see France…with you…seeing more than just the tourist traps…?” she asked in shock.

He nodded his face on fire visibly.

“You’re blushing.” She teased and leaned in pecking his cheek, “I’d be the stupidest person alive if I said no.”

Francois smiled and kissed her temple. Matt and Al snickered at his loving behavior making both of the lovers glower at them just making them laugh harder. Oliver smiled but scolded the pair for making fun, tough his eyes danced at how sweet Francois had acted just then.

“Of course I’ll go with you. It would be nice to go on a vacation with someone who doesn’t treat me like a burden…” she said with a soft sigh, “Sorry…happy time…just I’m happy to finally have people that treat me like family…”

The quartet nodded and smiled at her, “Of course poppet.” Oliver said, “We all care about you in our own ways…though some of us express it differently…”

“Just count yourself lucky.” Allan said and mussed her hair.

“We don’t let just anyone become part of this family.” Matt said pulling a lock of hair playfully.

“Hey, hey, watch the hair.” She laughed and swatted their hands away making the duo laugh.

Finally (Name) joined in on the laughter and smiled at them. Finally Arthur brought out her cake and she had to grin widely, it was a giant cupcake. She giggled and blew the candles out making a wish that her life could stay this happy forever.

--- -- ---

Later that night (Name) and Francois were cuddled up on the couch back at her place watching a movie. They wanted some time alone and even though Matt and Allan would be out that night but Oliver wasn’t one to go to clubs and such. (Name) fit her head into the crook of his neck as they cuddled and she smiled at him.

“I think I’ve fallen for you.” She said with a giggle.

“I think I’ve fallen for you.” Francois replied grinning.

She looked up at him and smiled mischievously. He raised a brow curious. She leaned in and kissed him moving to get into his lap. He kissed back and rubbed her back. (Name) licked his lower lip and he opened his lips. Their tongues met and began their dance. She rubbed his chest through his silk button up shirt. She began to unbutton it to feel his heated skin. He grunted a bit and began to run his slightly chilled hand under her shirt sending a shiver up her spine. She squeaked and that allowed him the access he needed to her mouth. He began to search and massage her mouth with his skilled tongue making (Name) moan softly as her slender fingers searched his broad chest. His skin and muscles seemed to move with her touch and she loved it.

Their lips broke apart and she began to kiss along his jaw and neck looking for his soft spot. He grunted when she found it and she began to nip and lick at the spot teasing him more. He began to grope her but and lift her shirt with one hand. She smirked at him and lifted her shirt over her head.

“I thought you weren’t ready for something this intense.” He purred.

“It’s my birthday, I’m an adult now, and I can make my own choices.” She said giggling, “I don’t know how far I’ll want to go now…but I am ready to try.” She said rubbing his chest more and then grabbing his hands and raising them to her chest.

“If you ever want to stop, just say the word.” He said and leaned in kissing along her neck and shoulders.

--- -- ---

(Name) lay awake cuddling Francois after their late night grope fest. They didn’t have sex, she wasn’t ready for that and true to his word Francois stopped when she said to. She smiled as she closed her eyes and cuddled closer. She was happy to have him in her life, she truly did love him and she couldn’t wait for her summer abroad with him. She was smiling sweetly as she drifted off to sleep.
The One You're With Epilogue (part one)
There will be a second part to the epilogue. XD Sorry for any confusion. XD I thought I was done but I wasn't. XD

I do not own Hetalia, 2pFrance, 2pAmerica, 2pCanada, 2pEngland, or You
I do own the story concept and ideas. 

My friends found this years torment song...well at least I like it more than the last one. XD
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The next day I was dragged awake by my phone blaring. I answered it with a groan as I sat up off the bed I had been sharing with Lili.

“Hello?” I groaned.

“You went out with VASH?!” Came Elizabeta’s shrill voice.

I groaned and said, “Yes I did. He asked me out and I said yes.”

“But you weren’t home last night!” Bella said.

Of course they tag-team called me, “Yeah, so?” I said rubbing my head.

“Did you go home with him?!” they both cried.

“Technically, but I came to spend time with Lili…which is who I am in the same room with…it was late and I didn’t feel like making Vash drive me back home.” I said and looked over at Lili who had this irritated look on her face as she had woken up, “Now, it’s seven-thirty in the morning…we are still on for that outfit planning thing for the party…” I hung up and groaned, “I don’t even want to go…”

“Why are they bugging you this early?” Lili groaned.

“They think I fucked your brother.” I said and cuddled back down into the bed, “Let’s go to sleep. I at least want another ten winks before I have to have them tell me what to wear and then figuring out how to alter it or just give it up and wear what I want to.”

“They really think you slept with Vash?” she said in sleepy laugh, “He’s like a brother to you.”

“Yeah…he even said so himself last night.” I giggled as weboth began snoring once more.

--- -- --

I sat up eating some waffles covered in delicious chopped fruit and sugar syrup with Vash Lili, this was one of Lili’s favorite breakfasts, it may not have been traditional to either hers or her brother’s countries, but it was so simple and delicious. I yawned and stretched.

“I was up early.” Vash said, “Doing my morning workout…”

He was merely offering an explanation, but I had to tease him, “Oh you mean these muscles don’t come naturally.” I said and ran a finger down his T-shirt clothed chest making him jump and blush a bit.

I  laughed and Lili joined me, Vash shook his head, “You two will be the death of me.” He

“But at least we’re nice about it.” Lili said, “Right big brother?”

“You are both lucky I love you.” Vash said, “As sisters…” he hurried to correct, “But I heard you talking to someone.”

“Oh, Lizze and Bella called me early this morning,” I said taking a bite, “In utter shock because of our date…and the fact that I wasn’t home last night.”

“Why would that matter?” Vash asked not getting it.

“They think you and I were playing mattress mambo last night.” I said and ate another bite.

Vash went bright red to deathly pale in shock and embarrassment. I laughed and shook my head.

“Now, Vash, it’s not that you’re unattractive, you are very handsome, but I just can’t see you that way.” I told him.

“Good.” He said, “Same reasoning here.”

“Well, now that that’s settled.” Lili said, “I think you should wear your plum skirt with that black lace around the hem, with that black and white polka dotted camisole.”

“You mean the outfit you got me for Christmas that I haven’t had the chance to wear yet?” I giggled, “I do have that cute sheer plum shell that would work perfectly.”

“I think that would look nice.” Lili said.

“I agree.” Vash said, “I may not be an authority on these things, but you would look lovely in that.”

“Attractive and understated.” Lili concluded.

“Well, now I know what I will actually be wearing, you two want pictures of the ridiculous stuff Bella and Lizzie will try and get me to wear?” I chuckled.

“Of course.” Lili said.

“They really don’t know you at all, do they?” Vash asked.

“Not really…” I said and shook MY head, “They’re sweet…but dense sometimes…”

I finished her breakfast and stretched, asking if Vash would give me a ride back to my place. I needed to pick up a few things and set aside my real outfit and then try and prepare myself for all the ridiculous outfits I would be forced into. I loved my friends, but they weren’t the most astute to my needs and wants as a person or nation. I hopped in the car with Vash after giving Lili a hug and smiled sweetly as I was driven home.

--- -- --

It was about two hours later and I was sitting up waiting for Lizzie and Bella, they were a bit late as usual. I began to text Allan.

‘Me: Hey cutie, any update on that rescue mission?’

‘Allan: What’s up doll? Yep. I’m getting a few of my friends to pick you up, don’t worry, they
won’t touch you in any way that isn’t related to the mission.’

‘Me: That’s reassuring, how do I know you didn’t promise them anything for helping out?’

‘Me: XP’

‘Allan: Now come on, sweetie, you know me better than that.’

‘Me: I know, just wanted to tease you, I’m about to go through fashion disasters with those two cheerleader friends of mine.’

‘Allan: Why do you hang out with them?’

‘Allan: I mean they don’t seem to get you, babe.’

‘Me: I know, but they were some of the first people to even try and get to know me, I mean other than the male 1Ps who were trying to get in my pants.’

‘Allan: I get it, baby, I do understand, well, at least they’re not just throwing you to the wolves.’

‘Allan: I mean other than throwing this party that you don’t even want.’

‘Allan: But, at least they’re not doing anything worse.’

‘Me: True, hey, they’re here. I’ll talk to you later sweetheart.’

‘Allan: Talk to you later, doll.’

I sent a picture of myself blowing a kiss and went to answer my door. I took a deep breath and readied myself for what was to come. Lizzie and Bella burst in like a hurricane and plopped bags of items down on the couch.

“Alright, so you went out with Vash rather than Alfie?” Lizzie demanded.

“Yes. I told you, I don’t like Alfred and his cocky attitude.” I said simply, “Vash was very sweet, took me to a nice dinner and then I had a sleep over with Lili.”

“She’s so quiet, isn’t that boring?” Bella asked.

“Not to me.” I said, and neglected to tell them exactly how NOT quiet Lili could be.

“Whatever, so what are you thinking of wearing?” Lizzie said, “And then we can talk about how you can get Alfie’s attention.”

“I don’t want it.” I said with a roll of my eyes, “Unless he changed his attitude…I won’t want it.”

Yeah complete 180 to where he’s Allan. I thought with an smirk to myself.

“Well, he was a little over…well just over…” Bella began, “Maybe he sees that and will be a bit more…his usual self at the party.”

Then I definitely won’t give him the time of day…and count the minutes even closer to when Allan’s extraction team arrives to save me. I thought and then I sighed and said I thought something nice and simple, like (f/c) or plum. They vetoed both immediately.

“Don’t you wanna be striking and get attention?” Lizzie asked.

I rolled my eyes, “You know that’s not me.” I said.

“Well, it’s a party, so you need to be a bit not you, you know, dress up.” Bella explained.

“I do dress up, I just also cover up.” I said.

“Come on, let’s go try things on and see what will look sexiest.” Lizzie said and drug me back to my bedroom.

--- -- ---

It was three PM…three hours of outfit hell later…and four before the party…and I was finally alone! I called Allan straight off.

“That was…awful…” I said without even saying hello.

“I’m sorry doll face, wanna bitch about it?” Allan asked me.

“Please…” I said sounding desperate.

“It’s okay babe, my ear is open to you.” He told me.

“Thank you…the outfits they put together…were gaudy and god awful!” I cried, “Short crop tops skirts even shorter…one of them I felt like a damn hooker! Colors that clashed…or over busy patterns…uggh! I’m sure on someone else they would look lovely…but not on me!”

“Did you take pictures?” he asked chuckling.

“Of course, I promised to send Lili the best and worst of the worst…but the worst of them all is the one they chose for me to wear!” I said, “I’ll send you the same photos so you can see what I’m up against…”

“You gonna send me a photo of you in what you will be wearing?” he asked.

“Nope that’s going to be a surprise~” I said with a sweet smile.

“You’re such a tease babe.” He murmured.

“But you love it~” I purred.

“Damn right I do.” He said with a smirk to his voice.

We hung up so I could send pictures. I sent them the five worst.

1) A green shift dress that was mid-thigh length and had cut outs around the waist. Deemed a no because it clashed with my hair.

2) A pair of daisy dukes with a floral print cropped top. They loved this but I deemed it a no because I felt way too exposed.

3) A matching blue mini skirt and a camisole with a sheer back and an exposed midriff. Deemed a no because of my need for a bra.

4) A tube topped denim dress. Do I even need to explain why this was a no! They even wanted me to wear fishnets with it! Do they want Alfred to be my boyfriend or my pimp?!

5) A pair of pale pink denim capris with a black cropped t-shirt with a pink and yellow flower on it. I actually didn’t mind this one except the butt of the capris had the words “Hot Stuff” bedazzled on it.

And the worse of the worst…the one they liked the most. A multi colored stained glass skirt that went to about lower thigh with the sides being black mesh with crisscross multi-colored fabric strands and a black tube top with the same multi colored fabric in mesh over the stomach. They loved this they said it looked sexy and sweet at the same time. I felt like “McNaughty the Clown”! They left after that and said they couldn’t wait to see me in it at the party. And after my door had closed I called out “Don’t hold your breath!”

I called Allen after I sent the messages and the first thing I said was, “Can you see why I’m not wearing any of them?”

“Babe…do they know you at all?” he asked.

“Not when it comes to clothing it seems.” I replied with a sigh.

“I like that you don’t wear over exposing clothes.” He said, “Like a sexy gift I’ll get to unwrap.”

“Like I said, play your cards right and you might~” I teased.

I felt so lucky to have a guy that understood and respected me.
Secret Lovers Ch. 10
Fist things first, a couple of disclaimers: i do not think that Belgium or Hungary would have bad taste or be that unable to tell what a person likes or doesn't. I am taking artistic license. Also no offense is meant if you liked any of the outfits described, I used them because they do not a) fit the personality that reader-tan has and b) i could not see myself wearing when i was in high school or now. :)

Now that that is out of the way. What did you all think. Please let me know. 

I do not own Hetalia, 2pAmerica, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Hungary, or You. 
I do own the story concept and ideas. 

Please Comment. 

Sorry...I have a few friends who would keep randomly linking me to Twenty-Two by Taylor's one of my first thoughts is my freedom from that.

I spent it with my boyfriend. We went to the mall and I bought a few things from Hot Topic didn't spend much there...not much at this malls location...well not much I didn't a) own or b) fit or c) from a fandom I'm not far enough into or not interested in. I however got a "Make Pasta, Not War" wrist band and some Attack on Titan playing cards...and a Deadpool projection flashlight for my bf. Stopped by a Gordon's Jewelers and peeked around and rings to see what I liked. Then went to a shop that sells different teas...bought some Earl Grey White to try out. Not bad. Found out I am just quirky enough to fit in at a tea shop. :D 

We went to dinner...was good. 

And today was my first official day as a 23 year old adult. I feel okay...doesn't feel much different...ask me later in the year how it feels when I've had more days as a 23 year old to feel it far I like it...
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It's this time of year I miss you most...
This time of year where I feel dead times...

This time of year where I can still hear your voice...
Singing to me as I lay down to sleep at night...

It's this time of year that I really feel it...
That I really feel you are gone...
I hope you and Papa made up for this time of year...

Each year it's harder and harder to pretend...
That you're still a phone call away...
I hope you can hear me now, wishing you the best Christmas I can...

Our gifts are wrapped...
Sadly none are for you...
But my well wishes and words are for you...not wrapped but real...

It's the time of year I really miss you mom...
I love you and I hope you're having a Merry Christmas in Heaven.
Merry Christmas Mom
I really do think about her a lot around this time. This may be a bit morbid to some of you, but I needed to write this. 

Please leave a comment if you like. 


My friends found this years torment song...well at least I like it more than the last one. XD
  • Mood: Bewildered
  • Listening to: The TV
  • Reading: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
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  • Playing: Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends
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Carlette Martin (Salacia Tianna)
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hi, I'm Carlette some people call me Carly but i prefer my full 1st name lest you insist. lol. anyway....I am a 20 year old sophmore in college to become a school teacher. i am obsessed with 90s cartoons and kids shows, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Manga. My current anime obsession is Hetalia Axis Powers.

I love to write FanFic and other things, but FanFic is what i post the most...hey that rhymes...and that just reminded me, in every FanFic the leading lady is named after my alter ego Salacia. If you ask nicely you can call me that or Sal...but call me Sally and you die.

Also something i should note, i am outspoken and opinionated but the sense that i am damn sure I'm right but know that hey i might be wrong and if be it. and if i say something to upset you...please just leave it be...there is no point in calling out that i did not cater to your personal sensitivities. Also if you do call me on it i might just insult you again...on purpose. Just kidding...or am I? I was not raised to lie or sugar coat things so i tend not to do either this is just a warning to those who want me to do those's never gonna happen. If you want me to lie, say so, don't ask and expect one. If you want my honsest opinion...just be prepared to get what you asked for.

I will also make a note on my deviant name TSsweets...that the TS stands for Tourettes Syndrome. I have this disorder and thus am a highly functioning Autistic woman. this is an area that i am opinionated in. I have"disability"...all mother i hate that word...but that does not make me less than anyone else.

Also i am a pagan and i am not ashamed of this fact. i have no problem with Christianity or most of those who believe in it but i do have an issue when a person tells me i'm going to hell or they try to convert me. I don't down talk your religion or try to push mine on you I would love it if you would extend me the same courtasy.

Well...that's about all for now...oh wait i have a small obsession with the Russian language, culture and country. And Hetalia has made this obsession worse. :iconsexyrussiaplz:

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Favourite cartoon character: Daria or Jane
Personal Quote(s): "C'est La Vie" *such is life
"Drowning is my third favorite way to die, but zhey are all good." -Creepy Susie (the Oblongs)

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