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When is a home not a home?
When those within it do not exist to reside there any longer
When things are changed and switched around in an absence
When the hearts of your old companions no longer beat alongside yours
When you sit and feel useless
When your uselessness is substantiated by loved ones actions or words
When you fear to speak these feelings
When you know that they would agree with them
When they may call you what you feel you are
When is a home not a home?
When you wander for a time and return
When a homecoming is not a joyous occasion for whom you returned to
When they have changed their pace in the short time you were away
When you must adapt or be scorned
When there is no love in a voice when they say they love you
When you know they may just want you gone
When you cannot leave but cannot stay
When all you once loved no longer seems to love you
When all you once needed no longer seems to need you
When your heart breaks at the old familiar sights because you know they don’t want you
When you are no longer wanted or needed
When you want to leave but are afraid to lose this home
When you know you have already lost it but fight still to keep it
When you give up and go but stay because this is the only place you have known
That is when a home is not a home.
I was gone for about five days and everything in my house seems to have changed...I'm feeling like an outsider in my own home. So I wrote my feelings out so I would not cry. 
Warning there is so suggestive language used

“Don’t put your teeth on me.”

It’s a powerful phrase that all true Vampires know. It is a phrase as old as time. It means many things, the most common are a way to warn that one is overstepping bounds or that they are not in as intimate a moment as perceived. Though many Younglings (born Vampire youths) and Fledglings (bitten Vampires who have yet to mix blood) use the phrase mockingly and scoff at the more senior or ancient’s who use the words seriously, to those families of old it still holds meaning…

--- -- ---

The eldest child and heir to the (Last Name) house, as well as one of few surviving members of the house, (First Name)(Last Name) was having a picnic with her suitor Vladmir. Vlad was of an old family, as was (Name), but hers was one of a higher stature of the Vampire hierarchy. Vladmir felt so lucky to have been accepted a suitor to her.

“Don’t put your teeth on me.” She warned at the start and he promised he would not.

They ate and drank and relished in the starlight. They both knew of the meaning to the phrase in this moment. It was a very intimate meeting, and were he to put his teeth on her and bite her it would take their relationship to a level the likes of which are immeasurable. Re-biting is
taboo to those yet unmarried, though some foolish Fledglings did is anyway to get a high.

(Name) passed her shimmering (e/c) eyes over to Vladmir’s ruby ones and smiled as she took his hand. They had been courting for a fortnights worth or years, mere weeks to an immortal, yet she was sure she loved him. He raised her hand and kissed it before playfully nibbling her palm. She jerked her hand back giggling. They often played this way.

“I thought I warned you.” She mused.

“Do I ever listen?” he asked and captured her lips.

Their kisses were far from chaste as he cupped her cheek and held her waist she wrapped her arms around his neck. He nibbled her lower lip and she opened her mouth readily. As their tongues danced she let out a tender moan and moved their bodies closer. More than saliva passed between them, it was true love and desire through a lip’s embrace. He pulled from her lips and planted kisses along her jaw and down her neck.

Then he paused and murmured into her neck, “May I?” his sharp fangs grazing her tender skin.

She needn’t think, her answer was as clear as it was taboo.

“Yes…” she breathed in anticipation.

And then he bit her. His perfectly formed fangs tearing through her never pierced skin as she was a born Vampire of old. She gripped the strawberry blonds shoulders in a hiss of momentary pain. That pain subsided as he sucked the stilled blood from her veins before injecting the venom of Vampirism. True it was the same venom she herself possessed but injected into her veins it was a sensation like no other. Her grip tightened as her eyes sprang open along with her lips in a bliss filled moan. Her vision was fogged and obscured but she saw clear all the passion his teeth held.

Her body was lighter than air as she soared on an adrenalin rush of emotion greater than that of an orgasm and fresh kill all at once. And as soon as it started it was over as Vladmire pulled his fangs from her throat and kissed the wounds.

“Oh Vlad…” she breathed, “That was…wow…”

She raised a hand to run through her hair to clear her mind yet she stopped short at the sight of a black diamond flanked by two red rubies on an engagement ring on her finger. She looked at the ruby eyed male and nodded with tears in her (e/c) eyes pulling him into a hug and whispering ‘yes’. When they broke apart with a nod from him she bit into his neck, giving him his first bite as he was born as well, in return for the loving one he had given her. The first of many, she was sure, were to come.
Vampire!RomaniaxVampire!Reader Teeth
Does this need a mature content filter? I don't think so but I am not sure, if you think it does please let me know.

I hope you all enjoy this, this is my first ever Romania fic, how did I do? Please comment. 

I do not own Hetalia, Romania, or You.
I do own the story concept and ideas. 
An hour before the party and I was dressed in my choice of clothing and I was waiting for my friends to come and pick me up. It was at the lake, a favorite place for an outdoor bash here in this town. It wasn’t a place I often frequented. I didn’t mind it, in fact I actually rather liked going to the lake, but these parties that would crop up at the lake shore made me nervous. I was not the party type of girl…at least not their idea of a party. All loud music and drama and it frustrated me and I hated it. I took a deep breath as the car pulled up. They had sent someone for me, this someone happened to be Arthur…so in a sense an ally to her at current times, though if he knew about her and Allan he would be disapproving.

I hurried out to the car, being sure to lock the house up, “Hey Arthur.” I said with a forced smile.

“Hello there, you look nice.” I said and got into his car.

“Thanks…you would not believe what Lizzie and Bella expected me to show up in.” I said and pulled my phone out to show him the picture.

“Wow…” he said in shock, “I couldn’t ever imagine you wearing something like that…”

“Maybe as a costume.” I laughed and buckled up, “I plan to bail out early before they try and break out the booze and have me drink. I wanted to let someone know.”

“And you chose me because…” he asked.

“You’re my student counseling ambassador, you couldn’t tell anyone without me getting you into trouble, because I confided it to you.” I said in a cute tone.

He laughed and nodded, “You’re really smart.” He said, “I wouldn’t tell anyone anyway.”

“Thanks, but you know, I gotta be sure.” She said, “It’s safest for me.”

He nodded, “I’m not mad, I’m intrigued by just what a powerhouse you are.” He said.

“Well, I may only have been stated a nation representative a short time ago…but I lived in low income household out in the real world…I learned how to keep myself safe. My mom…made things really nice, but we weren’t rich and we were surrounded by other small houses. It wasn’t high crime, but it was…still hard, you learned how to barter and keep yourself safe from outsiders.” She said.

“So living as a person rather than a nation helped you?” he asked.

“I think so, I saw the modern world as you didn’t.” she said, “I saw the people many don’t.”

He nodded, “That is a benefit, this world isn’t simple…when I was young it was a lot of wars, but it was obvious who could be trusted…” he said.

“If they had your nations crest on their armor.” She said with a smile.

He nodded, “To put it simply yes.”

“I was being simple and vague, I know there’s more and it wasn’t like now, but at the same time…now everyone looks the same, you don’t know if that person in a T-shirt and pants is your
enemy or ally…you gotta make yourself safe and be wary.” Salacia said and made Arthur nod.

“You understand the world in a way that we haven’t for a long time.” He said softly.

I nodded, “But I’m willing to learn from any who will teach me…without expecting sex or servitude in return.” I said, “But that’s hard to find…so I watch.”

“You want a peaceful life.” He said.

I nodded, “And I’m looking for a way to get it…and that way is not with Alfred.” I said giggling to lighten the mood.

“Believe me, I understand.” He said as we continued to head to the lake.

We didn’t listen to music or anything, and we didn’t talk like we were old friends, but it was a comfortable car ride. It was nice to just be able to relax as best I can. I only hoped that whoever was on the ‘extraction team’ that Allan was sending to get me wouldn’t be slow. I began to run through the 2P’s in my head to search for who it could be. They all seemed to be close knit so it could be any one of them. It could be his brother, but that might be too obvious. I settled on it was either Matt or Oliver…not Francois…he was a bit too…well, laid back is a way of putting it.

“So I heard you went out with Switzerland last night.” He commented.

“As friends.” I said and stretched a bit, “Went back to his house and hung out with Lili.”

“He lets you around her without any kind of supervision?” Arthur asked.

“Yeah, says he trusts me.” I explained, “He can tell I don’t have ulterior motives to our friendships.”

“It’s nice to know that you’re a trustworthy person.” He said with a nod.

“Honest and trustworthy are the best policies, but I won’t be walked on.” She said.

“I can respect that.” He said as we pulled in.

I took a deep breath and steeled myself for this party. I was not really excited for this, I got out of the car and straitened my skirt and top before heading off to find Bella and Lizzie and let them know that I was here. I passed by several people who paid no real attention other than to note who I was. I found Bella first.

“Hey Bella.” I said sweetly making her turn.

“(Nick-Name), that’s not what we chose for you to wear.” She whined.

“I didn’t feel comfortable in it Bell.” I said in an honest voice.

She sighed and rolled her eyes a bit, “Okay.” She said, “He’s not here yet, so you can go and mingle, Lizzie is over by the food table.”

I nodded and walked over to show her that I had actually arrived, “Hey Lizzie.” I said with a smile as I walked up.

“What happened to the dress?” she asked after noting my clothes.

“It’s on a hanger at my house, I was not comfortable wearing it.” I told her simply.

She sighed and shook her head, “Okay, well, now we have some sodas and some punch.” She said, “I wouldn’t recommend it yet…it’s too early.”

Of course it was spiked. I decided to avoid it all together for safety’s sake. I decided to try and find a place where I could hide. It would be hard, but I doubted that they would want to do a proper ‘happy birthday song’ moment; I didn’t even see a gift table or anything. I didn’t want to ask, since this was mostly just people wanting to party and not to celebrate my birthday. I sighed and walked around, being stopped by a few nations to talk and them wish me a ‘happy birthday’. Ludwig gave me a new stopwatch for my training. I thanked him, it wasn’t anything special, but it was meaningful from him.

I looked around nervously, I know that Alfred would be here soon with some embarrassing plan to ‘entertain’ or rather humiliate me. I looked out to where the cars were parked and saw his hot rod. I shuddered, so he was here. I felt harassed sometimes. I walked over and got myself a can of soda and took a deep breath I had only been here for thirty minutes and it felt like five hours. I found a log to sit on and catch my breath while the music began to swell and people started dancing. I looked to the side and jumped when I noticed a card left there for me. I picked it up and opened it.

We will retrieve you from this spot at 8:30 PM sharp. Don’t scream or call attention when I grab your shoulder to alert you of our presence. We will take you to meet A to celebrate your birthday as you would rather.
-Team X

It wasn’t properly signed but the script was very neat. I sighed at least I knew when and where they would arrive. I checked my phone and saw I had an hour left before I would be rescued. I might as well get up and make my presence obvious so when I disappear to sit down it’s not that big a deal because I was being so social and active that it wasn’t like me so I would get tired easier than most. I walked over and saw Arthur alone and he asked me if I was having a good time. I shrugged.

“It’s not bad…but I would rather be someplace where the party for my birthday…was actually for me…” I said, “So far only Ludwig has given me anything, and it might as well have been given to me by a gym coach.”

I showed him the stopwatch.

“But at the same time, I know he means well and it’s heartfelt, so…I’m glad.” I said.

“Well, I did buy a notebook for you, but…this is an outdoor event with no gift table…” he said, “I’ll leave it in your mailbox.”

I nodded, “It’s okay. It’s not like I expected this to be a huge event of people actually caring about me.” I said, “Not much of a birthday party.”

He sighed and apologized again I shook my head. There was nothing to be sorry for.

“So…have you seen or heard from him yet?” I asked nervously.

“Yes I have.” He said, “He said he was thinking that he would do the stripper cake thing for you…”

I shuddered, “I hope if he does I am long gone.”

“That would certainly give him a shock.” Arthur said.

“I just wish he would respect me…” I said with a sigh.

Arthur nodded and gave me a side hug. I checked my phone for the time, still had forty minutes to go. I began to walk off only to have Bella grab my wrist and drag me off. She had a small gift bag to give me. I opened it, it was a cute necklace, an oval shaped locket.

“So you can put pictures of whomever you want~” she said in a leading tone.

I knew that she was either expecting me to put in her and Lizzie or of Alfred. I thanked her; it was still a sweet gift. I hugged her.

“Thanks Bell. I really like it.” I said.

“I know you don’t wear much jewelry, but I thought you would like this.” She said sweetly.

“I do.” I said and smiled happily and put it on.

“Lizzie has a gift for you too.” She said, “I think she’s over there.” Bella pointed off in one direction.

“Wow, for once you two aren’t together.” I teased.

“Come on we’re not joined at the hip.” Bella said with a roll of her eyes.

“Could have fooled me.” I teased and waved as I headed off to find Lizzie.

I checked the time again, thirty minutes to go. And I hadn’t had any contact with Alfred. So far so good. I found Lizzie and tapped her shoulder.

“Hey there, (Nick-Name) I wanted to give this to you.” She said and handed me a small wrapped up gift box.

I unwrapped and opened it, it was a charm bracelet charm, on the front it was her flag and on the back it was Belgium’s flag. It was a friendship charm for the bracelet I hardly wore. I smiled and hugged her. I was wearing the bracelet at that moment because it was a special occasion. I clipped the charm on and smiled sweetly.

“Thanks Lizzie” I said with a happy smile.

“You’re welcome.” She said, “I know you don’t rock your bracelet that often, but I knew that you always love a charm for it.”

“You do know me after all.” I teased and we talked for a moment before she was called on to talk to a few other people.

I began to walk back towards the extraction point. Just fifteen minutes more…then I would be free. And I hadn’t seen eye or ear of Alfred. I was so happy about that. Just as I was about halfway there someone grabbed my wrist and tugged me into a kiss. I gasped and tore myself away from them It was Alfred. I gaped at him.

“How’d you like your gift, babe~?” he purred.

I didn’t say a thing; I slapped him as hard as I could across the face. I had tears in my eyes as I stormed off. Did he really think that was appropriate? Was he kidding me? I pushed past Lizzie and Bella who were both shocked at what had happened. I didn’t want to hear them defend Alfred anymore. I saw Arthur who merely patted my shoulder as I walked past him to that log I had sat on before. I sat down and hid my head in my knees and started to cry softly. That was not right. That was practically assault level. I would have to report him to the school. I planned on it the next Monday. Though I doubted anyone would support me. I just prayed that that extraction team rescued me soon…
Secret Lovers Ch. 11
Wow, is Alfred ever clueless and crude? Anyway, any guesses on who the extraction team is? Lol. Also I would like to add this disclaimer: I ACTUALLY LIKE THE CHARACTER OF ALFRED! AMERICA IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES, I JUST NEEDED AN ANTAGONIST. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AS HOW I REALLY SEE HIM!

Also, do you think I need a warning at the beginning for the surprise kiss?

Please comment and let me know what you think.

I do not own Hetalia, America, England, Belgium, Hungary, or You.
I do own the story concept and ideas
No one would ever understand the loneliness she felt…she had no one in her life who seemed to care about her. She walked alone…every day at school, on the street, even at the mall where she would people watch…she liked to imagine what it was like to have friends and people that care about you. That was where her life would change. She didn’t know it, but someone always seemed to notice her. Someone always saw her walking alone and wanted to show her that she didn’t have to be. He was popular, but he only had two friends that were truly close to him, and they knew how he watched her.

It was their encouragement that led to that scene that fateful afternoon. He saw her sitting as she did on a bench in the center point of the mall watching everybody, her eyes scanning the crowd wishing, hoping and dreaming for a friend or family to call her own. She had been living seemingly on her own in a half-way house masquerading as a foster facility for teens. She knew the truth, the overabundance of junkies told the tale. But it was still a bed at night and some food at night. She had a notebook and a pen in hand where she would sometimes make up stories about the people that she saw.

Her eyes so adept at noticing things no one else did, seemed to not alert her to the boy sitting beside her. Until he scooted closer to set his school bag on the bench, at which time she jumped. She looked over and felt her heart beat faster. He was in her grade with paler than snow skin, eyes as red as a rose but shining like a star and hair a striking white shade that seemed to shine like diamonds when the sun hit it. His name was Gilbert Beilschmidt and he was one of the most popular boys in their school. She bit her lip, what was he, of all people, doing being seen near such a non-entity as her.

He seemed to notice her gaze and turned to smile at her. She couldn’t bring herself to smile back, and she looked down at her shaking hands. She feared being hurt, so she didn’t want to trust that hope that the smile was genuine. It could have been innocent, but being burnt so many times she was wary of any and every attempt by others to befriend her.

“You’re (Name), right?” he asked in his slightly thick accent.

The young woman jumped and looked at him nodding stiffly. He knew who she was? Was this reality? She didn’t know what to do…this made her hopeful but terrified all at once.

“Are you alright?” he asked seeing the fear in her (e/c) eyes.

“I-I…I’m fine…” she said her hands shaking even harder.

“Are you sure, you’re shaking?” he asked and reached out to gently take hold of one of her hands, she yanked it away, “I’m sorry…I over stepped didn’t I?”

She looked away again not knowing what to say.

“You don’t have to respond.” He said, “I see you all the time…you’re alone, I know it’s wrong to assume, but I just thought you might be lonely…”

She bit her lip and teared up a bit, how could it be so obvious to him.

“I know this will sound weird, but I kind of get that…” he said and when he saw her head whip around to look at him in shock, “I’m surrounded by people…but none of them really care, I don’t matter to any of them, I only have two friends and my brother who I can really trust…but, you don’t even have that do you?”

She managed to squeak out, “No…” she had no one.

“I don’t know if you’ll agree, but, if you ever wanted just one person to trust…I would love to be that person…” he said and just sat back on the bench his hands on either side of him.

She didn’t respond, she didn’t know how, she knew that he was serious, something in his tone or in his eyes, she didn’t know which, but she knew. She looked back down at her notebook. She set her pen down and reached over and gently took his hand in reply, she couldn’t vocalize how she felt, but when she looked over and smiled at him with tears in her eyes and squeezed his hand, it showed him her truth. He squeezed back and smiled at her.

They didn’t say anything or let go of each other’s hands, it was a comfort to them, physical comfort. They had no idea the turns their relationship would take from that day on…but they knew that they would have the other through and through it all.
Just a little drabble thing to help me cope with my loneliness right now. Please comment and let me know what you think. 

I do not own Hetalia, Prussia, or You
I do own the story, concept, and ideas
I don't usually write journals that much anymore, I don't usually see anyone reading them. But I've been really depressed lately. I've just gotten over the worst seasonal illness I've faced in a while with a respiratory infection along with the cold. And my nana is sick now. This worries me because she has COPD which means that any illness that makes breathing difficult is even more dangerous for her. Adding that to my usual feelings and fears of being irrelevant and unimportant to those around me and I'm just not doing well.

I just feel alone. I can't sleep a lot of nights. And I feel like I'm being forgotten by my friends...even when logically I know that's silly...but I still feel it.

I don't know how many of you will read this, but I just felt the need to share what I'm going through with all of my wonderful readers and followers.
  • Mood: Lonely
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I don't usually write journals that much anymore, I don't usually see anyone reading them. But I've been really depressed lately. I've just gotten over the worst seasonal illness I've faced in a while with a respiratory infection along with the cold. And my nana is sick now. This worries me because she has COPD which means that any illness that makes breathing difficult is even more dangerous for her. Adding that to my usual feelings and fears of being irrelevant and unimportant to those around me and I'm just not doing well.

I just feel alone. I can't sleep a lot of nights. And I feel like I'm being forgotten by my friends...even when logically I know that's silly...but I still feel it.

I don't know how many of you will read this, but I just felt the need to share what I'm going through with all of my wonderful readers and followers.
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: The TV
  • Reading: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
  • Watching: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
  • Playing: Fashion Life
  • Eating: Boiled Eggs
  • Drinking: H2O

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hi, I'm Carlette some people call me Carly but i prefer my full 1st name lest you insist. lol. anyway....I am a 20 year old sophmore in college to become a school teacher. i am obsessed with 90s cartoons and kids shows, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Manga. My current anime obsession is Hetalia Axis Powers.

I love to write FanFic and other things, but FanFic is what i post the most...hey that rhymes...and that just reminded me, in every FanFic the leading lady is named after my alter ego Salacia. If you ask nicely you can call me that or Sal...but call me Sally and you die.

Also something i should note, i am outspoken and opinionated but the sense that i am damn sure I'm right but know that hey i might be wrong and if be it. and if i say something to upset you...please just leave it be...there is no point in calling out that i did not cater to your personal sensitivities. Also if you do call me on it i might just insult you again...on purpose. Just kidding...or am I? I was not raised to lie or sugar coat things so i tend not to do either this is just a warning to those who want me to do those's never gonna happen. If you want me to lie, say so, don't ask and expect one. If you want my honsest opinion...just be prepared to get what you asked for.

I will also make a note on my deviant name TSsweets...that the TS stands for Tourettes Syndrome. I have this disorder and thus am a highly functioning Autistic woman. this is an area that i am opinionated in. I have"disability"...all mother i hate that word...but that does not make me less than anyone else.

Also i am a pagan and i am not ashamed of this fact. i have no problem with Christianity or most of those who believe in it but i do have an issue when a person tells me i'm going to hell or they try to convert me. I don't down talk your religion or try to push mine on you I would love it if you would extend me the same courtasy.

Well...that's about all for now...oh wait i have a small obsession with the Russian language, culture and country. And Hetalia has made this obsession worse. :iconsexyrussiaplz:

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