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The radio blared Christmas carols as (First Name) (Last Name) hurried through the home she shared with her boyfriend in Helsinki, Finland. This was their first REAL Christmas together. She was from (home country) and they had met four years ago when he was an exchange student in her high community college. Times had been hard on her so she had to leave college and start working a full time retail job. He had been there for her as a dear friend, even after he moved back to his native Finland. Over their correspondence their love bloomed and two years ago he sent her a long heartfelt letter declaring his love for her. She could recite every word…

Dear (Name),

I have been fighting with myself so often on whether I should tell you in a letter or not, but it feels best to do it this way, so much more classic and romantic. Why should I care if it is romantic? Because I adore you. I am in love with you (Name). Ever since we met I had fought my feelings, because I knew that I would have to return home to Helsinki sooner or later, but now that I am here my love has grown. That old “absence makes the heart grow fonder” adage is true I can assure you. I picture your face every night as I drift off.

When you sent me that picture of you with yourself all done up for your sister’s wedding I felt my heart flutter, you looked so beautiful. When you talk to me I can hardly keep myself from smiling. Your voice is like a beautiful spring day, it makes me feel alive when you say my name.

I bet you think that I am mad, we hardly know one another and I am so far away. But I don’t care about that anymore! I want you to be mine. Please be mine. And if not, please stay my friend…I could not bear to lose you.

I love you (Name)


She had called him the second she received the letter screaming out how much she loved him to. It was the same feeling for her, she didn’t want to grow attached to him because he would be leaving her at the end of the year. She was so happy that he loved her too. They now talked on the phone every day and Skyped more than ever. And she was even more thrilled when he invited her to come and live with him in Finland. She agreed immediately. It was hard to leave her family, but she knew in her heart this was the right thing to do.

Now they were decorating for Christmas and Tino was really into it. She didn’t mind, it was hard not to become jolly with Tino around, he rubbed his joy off onto everyone. She had just plugged in the tree; she wanted to get some of this done while he was outside chopping firewood. (Name) had to smirk a bit, she could just imagine his muscles flexing. He wasn’t overbuilt with really noticeable muscles, but they were there…and she loved it. He could even pick her up. She straightened her special Santa hat.

Tino had given it to her, it was a normal Santa hat but with a princess tiara on hot glued onto the front. She fixed her top and shorts. She was in a pair of red shorts with faux fur around the cuffs with green leggings and black flats, along with a white long sleeved turtle neck with a red camisole over the top. She giggled when she saw how big Tino’s smile had been when she surprised him with her outfit. Both of them agreed that decorating was so much more fun when you were dressed for Christmas. He was in a matching pair of pants to her boots and a white t-shirt, he had a Santa suit, but would only wear that on Christmas Eve. He had a black jacket on when he was outside and she had made some coco that was sitting in the kitchen on the counter for him when he came in. She had just called out to him and he said he would be in in a minute.

She opened up the many boxes of ornaments and squealed as her favorite Christmas carol came on the radio, Santa Baby, the Madonna version (she had to admit it was her favorite version. She turned up the radio and grabbed the garland to go around the tree as she began to sing along.

“Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
I've been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight”

She didn’t hear Finland come in and slip off his jacket and get his coco. But he heard her as he slid his sweat soaked shirt off, it may be below zero outside but chopping wood made him sweat.

“Santa baby, an out-of-space convertible too, light blue
I'll wait up for you dear
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight”

He smirked a bit, she had no idea of his secret, but this was too good an opportunity not to miss. He slid his own Santa hat on and stretched a bit walking in with his coco to see her up on the ladder singing.

“Think of all the fun I've missed
Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed
Next year I could be oh so good
If you'd check off my Christmas list
Boo doo bee doo”

(Name) was up on the ladder wrapping garland around the tree. She was swinging her hips a bit as she sang.

“Santa honey, I wanna yacht and really that's
Not a lot
I've been an angel all year
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight”

Tino peeked in the room and had to smirk as well as blush a bit. She looked so sexy like that.

“Santa cutie, there's one thing I really do need, the deed
To a platinum mine
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight”

He snuck in and sat in his arm chair and sipped his coco and watched her. She looked really hot and the way she sang and danced…it did it for him and he had no shame in admitting that.

“Santa baby, I'm filling my stocking with a duplex, and checks
Sign your 'X' on the line
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight”

His smirk grew as she swung her hips, she was perfect to him, her body, her amazing (body type) body was just what he loved and in this moment it was all he could do not to jump her right then and there.

“Come and trim my Christmas tree
With some decorations bought at Tiffany's
I really do believe in you
Let's see if you believe in me
Boo doo bee doo”

He set his coco down and stood up, he wanted to surprise her and help her with the tree, his eyes still on her amazing body as she bopped to the song.

“Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring
I don't mean a phone
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight”

That last word was drawn out as she slipped and toppled backwards. She was shocked when she didn’t hit the wooden floor, but landed right in the strong arms of her lover. She stared at him in shock. He was shirtless and had a Santa hat on. She blushed darkly and snuggled into his arms.

She smirked a bit and sang the last bit, “Santa Baby, Hurry down the chimney tonight. Hurry down the chimney tonight.” She kissed him and he kissed back lovingly.
FinlandxReader: Santa Baby
I don't know if this has been done, though I would be surprised if it hasn't, but I just had to. Every time I hear this song I think of him. And yes the Madonna version is my favorite, just because I love Madge. Lol. So let me know what you think.

I do not own Hetalia, Finland or You. 
I do own the story, concept and ideas.

(Name) served her Masters dinner and ate her own small dinner and tried to ignore her gurgling stomach. She could do this for them. She bit her lip as they ate the food she made, how happy they seemed. She looked at her hands and sighed softly and sat on her stool in the kitchen. She was tired, unusually tired. She attributed it to her hectic day with the models…but deep down she knew it was because she hadn’t eaten. She was called out to the table to gather their plates.

“It was-a great as usual.” Italy said smiling sweetly.

“Grazie sir.” She said with a kind smile, “I have some gelato and fruit for a light dessert, I need to go to the store and gather more baking things tomorrow or I would have something grander, I apologize.”

“That’s-a fine.” Romano said and patted her hand kindly.

“Grazie for understanding sir.” She said softly.

She brought them their dessert and went back into the kitchen and had a few extra slices of fruit to quell the rumbling in her stomach. She could do this. She knew that she could do this. Soon she was called to gather the dessert dishes. She brought them back to the kitchen and set them into the sink. She would bring them their after dinner wine before she would begin to hand wash the dishes. She poured their wine and they thanked her. She hurried to do the dishes, to get out of the kitchen soon, being around the food made her nervous.

She heard them talking again.

“That last model was-a quite the disappointment.” Romano said with a sigh, “The outfit did-a not suit-a her face.”  

“Si fratello.” Italy said, “But we need-a to find one to fit-a it…our-a gallery opening is-a in three weeks…and you still-a need to finish your last two-a paintings.”

“I know-a that idioto.” Romano said, “But-a the one person that outfit suits it-a will not-a fit.”

“You mean-a (Name)?” the younger asked.

“Si…she is-a very good at modeling…but-a none of the-a costumes will fit her.” Romano commented.

(Name) bit her lip as she scrubbed a plate for the fourth time over; she had been too busy eavesdropping on her Masters discuss her. She looked down at her body, they thought she was good at modeling…but her body didn’t fit any of their costumes. She frowned, she would fix that, to make them happy.

“But what-a can you do?” Italy sighed, “I would-a like her to be at least in one of my-a paintings too.”

“Do-a you have any ideas for that?” Romano asked.

“Si, but I’d have to rearrange things.” He said, “Not-a easy but I can.”

(Name) finally stopped listening and scrubbed harder trying to will her mind away from her insecurities. They kept talking but she was finally not listening, it was hard but she managed it. She willed her mind to ignore them by telling herself that it was rude to eavesdrop on her Masters. She finished the dishes and went to gather up their wine glasses and the now empty bottle. They had amazing constitutions for wine.

“Was my choice of after dinner wine good tonight, Masters?” (Name) asked sweetly.

“Si, bella (Name).” Italy said with a smile.

“Si.” Romano said.

(Name) smiled and took the empty bottle and glasses back to the kitchen, happy to have made them happy. She felt her face flush at the smile a certain Italian Master had given her. She knew it was wrong, but she had fallen in love with one of her masters. She looked down at herself again; even if it weren’t against her status…she wouldn’t admit how she felt…she was nowhere near beautiful enough for him. But to please them she would make herself beautiful.

--- -- ---

The next day (Name) was serving snacks to her masters and their guests, a German named Ludwig, a Japanese man named Kiku, and a Spaniard named Antonio, of these three Antonio was the one that (Name) had had the most contact with, as he often dropped by to see her Master Romano. She knew all of their first names but it was house rules to refer to them by their country names. She served the Spaniard some sliced tomato, it was simple but beloved by him and her southern Italian Master.

“Ah, Gracias (Name).” he said kindly.

“You’re quite welcome Mr. Spain.” She said with a kind smile.

“Why don’t you ever call us by our names, you know them?” he asked curiously as he tilted his head.

She bit her lip and swallowed, “It’s improper to do so.” She said politely.

Spain raised a brow at the young nation he raised and his brother who seemed to not be bothered by her simple and somewhat unhelpful reply. She walked back into the kitchen to get the lemonade she had prepared, something simple to drink while they talked about things that were way over her head as a humble servant. Her stomach growled and she glowered and told it to be silent in her mind as she carried the pitcher and glasses out. She poured their drinks and smiled at them

“Is there anything my Masters or my Masters’ guests require of me?” she asked with a kind smile.

“Not now, (Name).” Romano said.

“Si, would you please-a go and get those-a phone numbers set up so we can let-a the models know who will-a and will not-a be used for our final works.” Italy asked kindly.

“Si Sir, I would be glad to.” She said with a sweet smile and curtsied before leaving the room.

Spain gave the pair a look and asked them a very poignant question, “Don’t you ever worry about how she will react with all those models coming around?”

“What do you-a mean, tomato bastard?” Romano asked.

“She might get self-conscious seeing all of those…thin, conventionally attractive…women…” Spain said, “And how you…parade them around in those outfits for your paintings…amazing works that they are…maybe the process bothers her, have you ever considered that?”

“If-a it bothered her, she-a would tell us.” Italy said simply, “She knows-a that we don’t want to-a make her unhappy.”

“Si, if it bothered her at all she-a would be honest.” Romano said.

Spain just shook his head as the conversation shifted once more. They may know how to romance a woman…but they simply had no idea about how women will sometimes hide their feelings when they feared rejection of some sort. And there was something that was bothering (Name) he just knew it.
Bound Servitude: Italians Part Three
Spain knows something~ will he become reader-chan's confidant? Who's to say. :D

I do not own Hetalia, Italy, Romano, Spain, Germany, Japan, or You
I do own the story, concept, and ideas

(Name) looked down at her hands then back to Francois a decision in her eyes. Her parents were leaving her behind and not giving a damn about how it might make her feel. Why should she care what they thought? She smiled at him and nodded.

“You’re right.” She said, “Damn it you’re right. Why should I care? They don’t care about me. You’re welcome to stay over whenever you like.”

She began to tear up, having never had someone who understood or had the chance to make a big decision like this, she was getting very emotional. He smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. He would never admit his emotions to a soul, but he cared a lot for her, and comforting her was what he needed and wanted to do at this moment.

“Why don’t they want me?” she sobbed into his chest, “Why don’t they love me anymore?”

Francois looked down at the top of her (h/c) head as her body shook with the sobs she had never let out before. (Name) hadn’t let the sadness of her situation in; she had always felt the anger because it was safer to feel. It was better to be angry rather than sad because anger was easier to cope with. She could yell and scream and be fine, but to be sad…that involved tears and the need for comfort. And up until this point… (Name) had never had someone to comfort her. Francois truly had come in and turned her world upside down. She gripped his shirt as her knees grew weak as her tears flowed out of her.

“I just want my parents…I just want them to think about me sometimes…to really care about me again…” she sobbed as her knees gave way and she collapsed onto the ground Francois coming with her still holding her, still letting her cry.

He pet her hair and didn’t speak until she was ready to hear him, because he was going to be honest, and sometimes honesty could hurt.

“(Name)…” he started, “I doubt they ever will…if they decided to up and leave you during some of the most important years of your life…they won’t just wake up tomorrow and realize how stupid they have been…I’m sorry to have to be the one who is being this honest with you.” He cupped her cheek and looked into her deep (e/c) eyes, shimmering with tears and need, “They won’t be here for you…but I will.”

She looked at him, pain etching through her, but also hope, he was being honest she could see it  in his eyes. She gave a watery smile, not a real one, but the one that covered her tears as she began to cry again and nodded, she knew he was right. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, a kiss filled with all of her emotions, acceptance, pain, fear, hope…and most of all love. He kissed back as her tears mixed in before she pulled away and buried her head into his shoulder and took in some deep breaths. She had needed this. This would not be her last breakdown, both she and Francois knew this, but this was the most important one.

When her tears had dried up at that moment he pet her hair and said, “Now…about my’s silk…and you might have just ruined it…”

(Name) just had to laugh and bang her fist on his chest half-heartedly, “Jack ass.” She said and looked up at him with a small smile, a real one.

He smiled right back and pecked her lips, “Feel better?” he asked.

She nodded, “Yeah…sorry…I just…I needed that…”

“I know.” He murmured softly.

“Thanks.” She said and pecked his lips.

--- -- ---

(Name) sat in her room at home listening to the shower run. Her parents had made the house open for parties and wasn’t a home. Francois was in the shower, he would be sleeping in the guest room slash office across the hall from her room. And she was waiting to say goodnight. The shower shut off and Francois got out. She heard him dry off and put his pants on. He had promised to do that. He walked through the door and into her room, she had the second full bath room attached to her room, she did feel lucky about that fact…because it meant she could sneak into it easily…but it also risked her parents guests accidentally walking into her room. She used to lock the door, but now that her house was empty she didn’t lock any door but theirs, she didn’t want to see their room. It probably had a fine layer of dust over it now.

Francois walked in in his pants and no shirt, towel drying his hair. (Name) had to blush at the sight. He was really attractive. He chuckled at her blush and biting of her lip. He walked over and gently pecked her nose.

“Like what you see~?” he purred and she blushed darkly.

“You’re sexy I can’t help myself!” she squeaked a bit.

Francois smiled at her and sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “You sure it’s okay with you?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” She said shyly.

She did want him there…but feared what people might say…not that they should matter; she just worried that their relationship might have been taken wrong. She bit her lip and looked up at him.

“I’m just glad no one from school lives nearby…” she said trying to joke.

“Is that what you’re so worried about?” he asked softly.

(Name) sheepishly nodded and bit her lip and apologized softly, worried about what he would think. Would he think she was ashamed of him and their relationship?

“I understand,” he said and kissed her cheek, “And it’s not just about us that worries you…you’re worried about people finding out your parents haven’t been around for years…”

She nodded, “I just…I’m not eighteen yet…they might try to put me in foster care until I am…” she said.

“For another one and a half weeks?” he asked smirking.

She blushed and looked down, “I don’t know…part of me still cares enough to protect them…” she said softly.

“They’re your parents…” he said, “It makes sense…and don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul and I won’t ask you to, until you’re ready.”

“Merci.” She said softly and pecked his cheek, “Let’s get to bed…I’m exhausted.”

--- -- ---

It was the middle of the night, about three thirty in the morning and Francois woke up, he could swear that he heard a TV. He groaned and rolled over, must have been in his dreams. Just as he was about to drift back off to sleep he heard an explosion and a mechanical voice.


He knew that sound, he sat up and shook the sleep from his head, Oliver watched that show all the time, he knew that (Name) did too; it was one of the things she and the pinkish haired man had bonded over. He got up and walked down to her room, the one next door to his and knocked on the door as he walked in, she slept with her door open, she had told him. She wasn’t in her bed…and all her bedding was messed up and her TV wasn’t on. He began to get worried. He walked out into the living room and saw her on the couch curled up under a throw blanket with the TV blaring Doctor Who at her. He smiled and shook his head. He walked over and got onto the couch beside her and pulling her close. She stirred a little but relaxed a bit and kept sleeping.

He turned the TV down and kissed the top of her head. She must sleep in here a lot, he realized, being alone and all, this room must feel the safest to her. He felt bad for her, what kind of parents made their child this lonely and afraid? He sighed and shook his head, he would fix what they broke, he loved her, he wouldn’t…or couldn’t say it to her yet, but he did and he would take care of her. He kissed the top of her head once more and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep holding her close.
The One You're With Part Nineteen (final part)
Okay this is the final chapter but there will be an epilogue. :) Don't worry. 

So what do you think of the ending? Did you all like this story? Please give me feedback. 

I do not own Hetalia, 2pFrance, or You
I do own the story concept and ideas

Word spread quickly that I had turned Alfred Jones down and most students were in utter shock. I lost track of how many girls had come up to me asking if I had lost my mind. Finally on Wednesday I had had enough. I was standing at my locker with Lizzie and Bella when three of their fellow cheer leaders came up and all five of them started to badger me. I saw Alfred nearby smirking, Allan was at his locker, a mere five feet away listening intently and Arthur had just walked up to Alfred.

“Did you ever think of how being turned down would make him feel?” One girl asked, “I mean you did it in front of the whole class.”

That was it. That was the last straw.

“No, no I didn’t. Because he asked me out in front of the entire class, he assumed the risk of that.” I said, “I didn’t say anything other than the truth. I already had a date. And even if I hadn’t had one, I’d have still said no. Because, that was not him asking a girl he likes out that was him showing off. And I am not in this life to stroke someone’s ego and go out on a date with someone I don’ t want to.”

And with that I slammed my locker shut and stormed off leaving many shocked people and nations in my wake. I was proud of myself, I had stood my ground, I had been honest and stood my ground. I was so happy at that moment. And the text I got from Alan was the icing on the cake.

‘Alan: Damn, I love you babe. That was awesome.’

I had to stop in my tracks at the entrance to the library. Did he really just text that?

‘Alan: Hey! Ignore that! Didn’t mean it…way too soon to say it!’

I giggled, he did care for me, maybe even love me, but was not ready to say so yet. I sighed softly and looked down leaning against the wall outside of the library. I couldn’t take the emotions sometimes. I don’t know why it hit me then, but it did. I took in a few deep breaths and then texted Alan.

‘Me: Hey Al, I don’t know why but I’m super emotional right now…can you make me smile?’

It didn’t take long for him to send me a picture of himself and one of a kitten. And in that moment all I could think was: ‘Dammit why can’t I somehow combine these two things?!’ I knew at that moment that someday soon I must see Alan with a tiny little kitten. I made that my mission in that moment. I think I would just about die if I saw that I decided to tease him right then though, work my way up to what I wanted.

‘Me: Aww, so cute! And you’re not bad either, babe.’

I could picture the smirk on his face. I loved having a guy who I could just tease and mess with and he didn’t take it personally or get unnecessarily offended over a harmless joke or quip. He really was so perfect for me. I knew that I was falling for him, if not completely fallen for him, with his ruby red eyes and soft burgundy locks set on his tanned skin. I blushed at every thought of him. The way he smiled at me, I hardly noticed his one missing molar, and if I did take notice I would say it gave him a cute, roguish edge to his appearance…well, more of one. His hands were slightly calloused but still soft. I liked that about him; he was a cute, sexy mess of perfectly aligned contradictions. I closed my eyes and smiled at the image of him in my head before sighing and coming back to reality when the subject of my fantasies texted me.

‘Alan: Haha, babe. You’re hilarious.’

I smirked and replied.

‘Me: I know right~’

What I liked about our little chats is how we played off of one another. I laughed softly as I began to feel better. I stood and went off to lunch. I felt a lot better. I was going to be eating with Lili and Vash. When I entered the library Lili gave me a quiet standing ovation as I walked over and smiled happily.

“That…felt…good.” I giggled happily.

“That was quite entertaining.” Vash said.

“Thank you.” I said laughing softly, “I needed to give them all a good tongue lashing.”

“Ja you did.” Vash said, “I was good to see the real you peek out from behind your barriers.”

I looked at him in shock, “The real me?” I asked confused.

“The funny one, the you who stands her ground and isn’t afraid of people’s opinions or rejection. The you whose strength I kind of admire. The you that only Lili and I see…the you that I like Lili to be around.” Vash said.

He saw all that in me? He saw past my ruse…just like Alan, but in a different light.

And before I could say anything he added, “The you who I am proud to say is my…friend.”

He seemed uncertain about that word, like  he wasn’t sure I considered him the same. I
smiled and gave him a bear hug.

“I’m glad you consider me your friend too.” I told him breaking away, “I have to say being around you has helped me a lot…I only hope my nation becomes like yours…truly neutral…with no need for conflicts…no more battle scars…” I had never told anyone that before,  or shown but one person (Lili) my biggest scar, I grabbed a handkerchief from my purse and rubbed the concealer from the side of my neck where I should have died with how deep the cut had gone.

He stared at it, it was from my nation’s civil war when the rulers were overthrown, in the end it was for the best, but I fell and a rock outside of my home with my ‘mother’ and had severely cut my neck. Though not obtained in combat, in a way it was a battle scar. One I hit, not out of shame, but out of necessity, when you had a scar like this it changed how people treated you, even other nations, they looked at you odd…a visible scar was a sign of violence to some and to others a weakness. Most ignored them, on the boys, but I knew they would act different with me, and not just from my gender, but my age as a nation. And may scoff at how I had gotten it. Vash looked at me and gently touched the mark before withdrawing, no one had thought of what happened to the nations before they knew.

“So it’s true,” he said, “A nation, before it’s a nation, bleeds for its lands and people.”

“I nodded, “My civil war, my government was overthrown…even though this came from a rock and a fall…it happened at the very moment the regime fell…” I said, “I bled for my people before I knew what it was…though I wasn’t there…it is a scar of a battle.”

Lili stared at us and held our hands. Vash looked at me differently, but not in a bad way, there was respect and understanding. He nodded.

“You hide it because of how you got it…some might not respect it.” He said.

I nodded, “I won’t be patronized as a bleeding heart.” I said a tear in my eye, “Though it was what was right for my people to do, it still injured me and though I was not there…I bled…for the lives lost and my nation’s change. And I will Not allow people to judge me wrong for that.”

“Lili and I never would.” He said.

“I already knew about it.” Lili said, “You’re only the second person she’s ever told.”

The blond male looked at me and I nodded that it was truth. No more words about it were spoken. We sat and I covered it up again before eating. We talked of other things and got on great, but the dynamic was shifted, our bonds had grown, we all were friends and now had more respect for each other. It was a moment…I will cherish with me forever.

--- -- ---

My “date” with Vash dawned upon me. I was nervous yet, unafraid, I knew that I was safe with the Swiss man, but I didn’t want to be spotted and have any drama started; though I doubted that anyone would challenge him on anything. I just didn’t want Alfred to start something at school or anything.

I texted Alan to relieve my stress as I got dressed for my date, I needed him to calm my nerves.

Me: ‘Alan…you’re going to save me tomorrow right?’

Alan: ‘Of course, though I may have to send an extraction team…just in case they are looking out
for me.’

Me: ‘Okay…as long as you trust them.’

Alan: ‘I do, just breathe babe, everything will be okay. Besides, shouldn’t you be getting ready for your date?’

Me: ‘I’m putting it off…feels odd not getting gussied up for you.’

Alan: ‘You will be tomorrow night.’

Me: ‘True.’

With that I went back to looking through my clothes. I chose a simple green dress that stopped just below my knees and had bell cap sleeves. I put it on did my make-up and hair and waited for Vash to pick me up. I looked at the time, it was about five minutes until the scheduled pick up time. I bit my lip, my nerves were high, even though this wasn’t a real date, I still felt the nerves of going out with a guy. My doorbell rang, he was early, that was so Vash.

I opened the door and smiled at the blond Swiss man. He led me out to his green car and we headed off to what I thought would be a nice little café. It turns out that he had other plans. We pulled up to one of the nicest restaurants in town.

“Umm…Vash…are you sure about taking me here?” I asked shyly.

“Yeah.” He said with a smile,  “I want to treat you to a nice dinner on your birthday.”

“Was that your idea or Lili’s~?” I teased.

“Lili suggested I do something nice I chose this place.” He explained, “This is where I always take Lili on her birthday.”

I blushed at his explanation…he really did like me, as a sister. He was treating me to the same meal he treated Lili to…I smiled at him. No matter what I knew I had a special friend in Vash, he was like the big brother I never had.

--- -- ---

After dinner Vash and I went back to his and Lili’s home to watch some movies and for Lili and I to have a sleepover. I didn’t need to bring anything, I had made an overnight bag in advance and given it to Lili. We walked inside and I was immediately enveloped in a hug from Lili.

“So did you and Vash have a nice time?” she asked.

“Your brother is such a softie!” I giggled, “He took me to the same place he takes you.”

Vash blushed as Lili gushed a bit, “Oh I just knew he would!” she said, “He wanted to make it special for you! Come on you two I baked a cake!”

She dragged us into the home all three of us smiling happily. I wondered what Alan had
planned for me the next night.
Secret Lovers Ch. 9
I am finally back to writing, with family drama and being a bit ill...writing has been hard...not to mention I lost the notebook this story was in and had to do it from memory. Well the end at least. I hope you all still enjoy it. Please comment. 

I do not own Hetalia, America, England, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, 2PAmerica or You.
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(Name) sat at her vanity and looked at herself. Her Masters rarely complimented her appearance anymore. They used to do it all the time, and it may be vain, but it gave her a boost of confidence to hear it. She served them and if they didn’t like her they wouldn’t want her to serve them. She hated being this self-conscious, but she was. She was around their little painting models and heard how they talked about her and how they looked at her. She looked down at her hands as she got ready for bed. She sighed softly, she had to fix this…but she didn’t even know what was broken. Well, she did, she was too heavy, her Masters liked those model girls, and they were skinny. She sighed she would have to do something to lose the weight.

She looked in the mirror and nodded, for her Masters. She got up and went to bed, her mind set. The next morning she woke up and only had fruit for breakfast while she made her masters theirs, compared to her measly breakfast their looked like a banquet. She sighed softly as she served them. This would be difficult but for her Masters it would be worth it. She bit her lip and went back to the kitchen and had a class of milk, something to hold her over. She sometimes ate with them, but only when invited, but lately they hadn’t, just another sign that she didn’t live up to what they wanted in a servant. She choked back her fears and stretched, she would become perfect.

She heard her name called and she hurried to gather their dishes, “Oh, (Name), would you organize the art studio for us, we’re having some models over for test shots.” Italy said with a sweet smile.

(Name’s) smile became a bit falsified, as she curtsied politely, “Si Masters, I will get right on that.” She said sweetly.

“And then would you clean up in the den, Italy is having that potato bastard over and I know that the tomato bastard will tag along because of me.” Romano said.

“Si, as you wish Masters.” She said curtsying again and heading off to plan her day.

--- -- --

Dishes were the one chore she didn’t mind, she thought most of the time when she washed them, and there was some kind of instant gratification for the young maidservant, she could see her hard work. She sighed softly and scrubbed harder than usual, they were having models over that afternoon…it would be a stressful afternoon. The second her dishes were washed she hurried off to the art studio to get things set up for their preliminary photos in the outfits chosen. She noticed that the costume that Romano had wanted to paint her in was among the four she was to lay out. Each had a note about how it was to be worn and what shade of hair they wanted for it. They would help them situate a bit, but if a model could not work in an outfit at all they sent them away. It would be her job to make notes on the models for her Masters.

(Name) was the one who would go into the waiting area and call the models in off of her list and show them the outfit they were there to audition to model in. Then she led them in to do a basic pose for her Masters. They would snap a photo and ask questions, ask her to move in the costume and make small comments to one another, in Italian of course. She had to interpret their Italian comments to each other and write them on a note pad. She knew her place was to be silent and not be obtrusive, to ignore the models and her thoughts on them…and she could do that, except when they made snide comments about her. Her Masters never seemed to hear them. (Name) sighed, she had been too buxom to fill out that costume, and it seemed that Romano had really wanted to see her in it…or maybe that had been her imagination. She had no idea, but she would do her job, as well as remedy her…size…issue.

She scrubbed down the floor and windows of the studio and waiting area and smiled at her handiwork. That was one thing those models could never do for them, nor could any mere maid, she made the rooms she cleaned shine and sparkle. She felt a bit of pride in that, though that pride made her stomach hurt sometimes…her Masters had taught her humility…and being prideful was not appropriate. She gripped her stomach and groaned softly she swallowed that feeling of pride and took in some deep breaths. She gathered her supplied up and hurried to get dressed in her assistant’s uniform.

--- -- ---

Twenty models were in the waiting room and were all talking snidely as (Name) walked through and got their names and base information for her notes for her Masters. She was used to this, them making fun of her clothes and how she looked in them, but they didn’t let her Masters hear, one of their biggest requirements was kindness and humility, just like with (Name), they did not want ego within their home. (Name did appreciate that fact, they interviewed each candidate after she did.

(Name) was finally done with the last model and walked into the studio to give her Masters the list of names.

“There are some pretty ones out there.” Romano commented to Italy.

“Si fratello, but will they work for your idea?” Italy asked.

“I hope so.” He replied, “I would hate to have to exchange that costume for another.”

(Name) was confused at what they were discussing but she decided to just ignore it and she sat down on her stool with a clip board and began to prepare her note pages. She took any duty they gave her seriously, she felt them look at her and she looked up smiling softly.

“You are always so organized.” Italy commented, “It reminds me of Germany.”

She blushed at his comment on her, “I just like to keep things in order for my Masters, it is only to make your lives easier.”

That made the pair smile; she was so good to them. She finished arranging her notes and stood up and smiled sweetly letting them know that she was ready when they were. They nodded for her to begin she walked out and called for the first model. She led her to the costume to try and then to the area where she was to pose and have a polaroid taken. (Name) sat down and began to take her notes.

--- -- ---

The last model left, and the young maidservant had taken her last few notes and handed them to her Masters, “Here you are, all organized and done properly, just the way my Masters like.” She said with a curtsy.

“Grazie (Name).” Italy said with a smile.

“Si, Grazie.” Romano said.

“I will get things cleaned up in here and get dinner started, that is if you two do not require any more from me at the moment.” She said sweetly.

They both shook their heads and (Name) went about her duties with a sweet smile on her face, glad to be of use to her Masters. They left the room and began to talk about who they would bring back. (Name) sat down for a moment and gripped her groaning stomach, she was so hungry, but she wouldn’t eat now. She planned on a small dinner and that should suffice. She kept telling herself that this was for her Masters and that seemed to override her stomach. The Bound Servitude curse was indeed very strong.
Bound Servitude: Italians Part Two
Yes, she is having those kinds of weight issues. I suffered from these for a while. I still do from time to time. So this one is kind of hard to type, but at the same time, I feel that the emotional connection helps. :) Let me know what you all think. 

I do not own Hetalia, Italy, Romano or You
I DO own the story concept and ideas

Please Comment, I do so appreciate them. :)
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He is no longer in pain, so that is a blessing and I am at peace about that...

But losing him...I feel...lost and numb...
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