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“So we have no groceries.” (Name) teased as she put away the box of dishes she had found, only three things broken, a good record, “What are we gonna do for dinner?”

“I could run down to Maccas, if you want?” he asked as he pulled a serving platter out of the box.

“That sounds good, and don’t even think you’re getting out of rinsing these dishes before you do.” She said with a playful glare.

“You’re cruel, babe.” He said with a laugh.

“You married me.” She teased and walked over pecking his cheek before going back to putting the dishes away after he rinsed them, “You’re right this kitchen is perfect to cook in…and the yard is so big…the house is perfect.”

“I told you that you would love it.” He said with a grin.

“Don’t get cocky baby.” She said with a smile as she stretched and peeked in the box after he rinsed and handed her the serving platter, “We’re almost through anyway, all that’s left is that bundle of silver wear.” She reached for it just as a spider scuttled from below it making her shriek and pull her hand away.

Jet knew eventually they would stumble upon a spider in the boxes, all that newspaper and dark spaces. He sprang into action with a piece of newspaper and crushed it. He smiled sheepishly. (Name) wasn’t scared of spiders in general, she was scared when anything sprang out at her or surprised her. She pecked Jet’s cheek and thanked her husband for killing the creature for her. He grinned and crumpled the paper and put it in the bin.

“I will always stand to defend you.” He joked.

“You’re such a dork.” She laughed and hugged his waist and he grabbed the bundle of silver wear and put them in the sink and gave her a cute smile, “Maybe I could go get dinner now.”

“Maybe I’ll go with you.” She said, “I think I would like to see the area around us.”

“That’s fine, go put your shoes on while I put this box in the garage.” He said.

She nodded and pecked his lips before heading to the living room and slipping a pair of flats she had found on, she didn’t much like flip flops or thongs as he called them. She had dug through a box specifically to find her flats. She smiled softly when he came back inside and stretched a bit, his shirt lifted up exposing his well-toned abdominal muscles. She couldn’t believe that she had managed to nab a guy like him. Jet looked over at her and smirked as she looked away shyly blushing, he had caught her staring again. He often caught her staring at him and he liked it, he didn’t know if she noticed that he stared at her too. He felt like the king of the world when she was with him, even a small smile made his heart beat faster. He walked over and lifted her up into a big bear hug making her squeal with laughter.

“I can’t believe it, you’re actually here!” he exclaimed happily, “I’m so happy.”

“I am too, I love you so much Jett.” She said and kissed his lips softly as he set her back on the floor, she wrapped her arms around his neck happily as they kissed.

They broke their kiss and smiled at each other. They hoped this honey moon stage would never end. He reached out and gently took her hand sweetly, he lifted it and kissed it with a sweet smile on his surprisingly soft lips. (Name) smiled and blushed softly at this gesture. He was always doing things like this, simple romantic things just to make her blush. She loved it even though it made her shy in public. He held her hand and led her back out to their car. Once they were fully unpacked she would be able to stock the fridge and make more balanced meals but for a little while dealing with fast food would do, as long as they were eating together it would feel like a five star meal.

Jett opened the car door for her and she slid inside pecking his lips before he shut it behind her and hurried around to the driver’s side. The handsome brunet male she had married just a few short months ago started the car up and began to drive off. He held her hand as he drove; he took the long way around. He was just showing her the area and enjoying driving with her by his side. She knew what he was doing and didn’t care. She enjoyed this as well. (Name) adored just being near him. He made her life complete.

“So when are you going to start work?” she asked.

“In about a week.” He said, “Just enough time to get the basics unpacked if not everything unpacked and for you to at least know a little bit of your way around here.”

“It sounds like a long time but really its not.” She said, “I just want you all to myself.”

“Of course my cute quokka, you’re all I want in my life right now.” He purred sweetly.

“Promise me you won’t get too caught up in work.” She asked shyly, “I don’t want to fall to the way side in importance.”

“You won’t.” he said with a smile, “I promise.” He lifted her hand to kiss it.

--- -- ---

They had decided to eat in the restaurant not exactly looking forward to going home to more boxes. Jett told her stories and his plans of showing her around and off to the area. He played with her fingers as they ate. She did get some slight looks for her accent from some older people but she paid them no mind, she had Jett with her so she felt no embarrassment. He leaned in and kissed her lips playfully making her blush and giggle. She always felt so shy with PDA.

“You’re so cute when you blush.” He murmured sweetly making her only go redder.

“You always tease me.” She giggled.

“Because I love to see you smile.” He told her with that smile she had fallen in love with.

She indeed smiled lovingly at him and gave his hand a squeeze, she still was nervous about the move, but she knew that with Jett she could weather anything.
The Transplant Ch. 3
Aww a cute McDonald's date. :) I did a little research into slang for the term used for it. XD I hope you all enjoy this chapter. 

I do not own Hetalia, Australia, or You
I do own the story concept and ideas

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Warning: There are suggestive themes hinted at and language used.


We parked in the back row like we had before and set everything up, but we didn’t bother turning the volume up for when the movie started. That wasn’t what was on our minds. Allan pulled me into his lap and kissed me softly. I kissed back, he wasn’t moving too fast or making me uncomfortable, but he was still so eager to hold me again, I could feel it. I giggled and broke the kiss to just snuggle into his arms. He rubbed my side as I rested my head on his shoulder.

“I’m so glad that we have a place we can go and not be bothered.” I murmured and smiled at him.

“Me too, and that’s not just because I can touch you~” he teased and playfully slapped my butt making me squeal and shove his arm laughing.

“You’re such a jerk.” I laughed.

“But you still love me.” He laughed.

My face went red, “I never said the “L” word.” I said shyly.

“So you don’t feel that strongly for me?” he asked and I sat up.

“No, that’s not what I meant…I-I do…but…I’m just not…” I stammered looking into his eyes, “I’m ready to use such a strong word…but even…even when I don’t say it…I do feel it…”

“I feel that way too…” he said, “I’m just…I’m not the touchy-feely, lovey-dovey type.”

I laughed, “I don’t know about the touchy-feely part of that statement, you can’t seem to keep those paws of yours off of me~” I teased and pecked his lips.

“You’re just irresistible, doll.” He teased and nipped my nose.

“So how about instead of the big ‘L’ word, we use something else?” I said with a cute tilt to my head.

“Maybe.” He said with a smile, “We’ll figure it out, but for right now, we know the truth.”

I nodded and kissed him as he rubbed my sides sweetly. Without meaning to we had just reached a whole new level of intimacy in our relationship; and we knew it, and we were happy about it. I felt him gently take hold of my hips and pull me closer. I shivered at such an intimate touch. I broke the kiss and began to kiss along his jaw. Now more than ever was I sure glad that he kept himself clean shaved, I could only imagine how uncomfortable that would be with stubble. I
continued to kiss to his ear and I smirked before gently nibbling the lobe.

“(N-Name).” he growled.

I smirked to myself and licked the shell of his ear, “So seems I found a soft spot for you~” I purred directly into his ear.

I felt him shudder and grip my hips a bit tighter as she let out a fake-irritated growl. I kissed below his ear and pulled back to smile coyly at him. He was blushing a bit and his eyes were cloudy with pleasure. I smiled as he rubbed my hips more before gently leaning in and kissing all over my face and down my neck. I giggled and ran my fingers through his hair smiling as I heard him murmur my name into my skin. He was so sweet. We went back to kissing our tongues entwining. This kiss was different though, there was more passion in it than I had ever felt.

I adjusted into his lap and let his hands wander my body shivering when he held my butt and squeezed it. I let him have dominance in the kiss and he began to rub my sides and up my stomach. I panted when he broke away and kissed down my neck again placing a tender kiss atop each breast and in the center of my chest. I smiled softly when he looked up at me. I gently took hold of his cheeks and smiled.

“I can’t help it, I have to say it at least once.” I murmured, “I love you, Allan.”

“I love you too, (Name).” he said smiling up at me and I kissed him again.

I don’t think we would say it ever again, but we knew that we loved each other. And I wondered how far we would go to prove it that night. I knew how far I was comfortable with and I felt that Allan would never push me any further than that. He gently cupped my breasts and I shivered and moaned a bit at how he held them. I broke away and bit my lip before slipping my T-shirt off.

“I don’t know how much I can handle, this is my first time even being this close to anyone.” I said, “But I trust you.”

“We don’t have to do any more than what you want, but I have to say…even if we stopped right here, I would be happy.” He purred.

“I think I can handle a bit more.” I giggled and pecked his lips.

--- -- ---

Allan and I were cuddling in the back seat my head on his now bare shoulder while he pet my hair. I smiled softly and kissed his shoulder and giggled.

“I did not expect that, doll.” He chuckled breathlessly.

“Neither did I.” I said and rubbed some drool off the side of my mouth, “Just don’t go telling everyone I went down on you, okay?”

“I promise.” He said and laughed softly, “I don’t exactly want to kiss and tell.”

I smiled cutely and pecked my cheek, “I’m glad, I don’t wanna be locker room talk any more than I must be because of you know who.”

Allan nodded and kissed my temple and gave me a squeeze, “Don’t worry baby, no one will know how amazing you are but me.” He said and hugged me close.

I chuckled and stretched. I looked around for my top as I had been sitting there in my bra which I had just pulled up over my breasts earlier. I found a top and put it on before realizing it fit a little looser. I looked down and saw that she was in Allan’s T-shirt and not my own. I went to take it off but he stopped me.

“Keep it doll.” He said with a smile.

“A-Are you sure?” I asked as he put on his undershirt making my frown a bit at losing the sight of his toned, tan torso.

He chuckled at the look I gave him for getting dressed and pecked my nose, “Of course doll face.” He said, “You look sexy in it. Besides I think you would prefer it if I weren’t wearing it.”

I blushed and looked away and mumbled for him to shut up, making Allan chuckle again. I shoved his arm playfully and looked up at him again. He had that same smile on his face that made me a bit weak in the knees. He pecked my lips again and we looked up to see the movie was just about over. That was shorter than I remembered. I shrugged and laughed making a comment to Allan as we scrambled back into the front seat. He started up the car and I stretched as he detached the speaker from the car and waited a moment for me to get buckled up.

After that he started the car up and drove us out of the drive in, “You want to head anywhere else, the night is still young.” Allan offered.

I thought about it, I didn’t have any plans the next day, we could sneak off and have a nice time somewhere else, it was risky, but I wanted to have a good time. I turned and smiled mischievously at him. I didn’t even need to nod, he sped off towards the end of town he and the 2Ps lived on. I grinned and turned on the radio while cuddling up to his arm as he drove. I switched through the stations and found one I liked, he just smiled a bit. I had to smile to myself when Style by Taylor Swift came on, it really fit this moment. I sang along with it making Allan both grin and blush.

You come and pick me up, no headlights
A long drive,
Could end in burning flames or paradise
Fade into view, oh, it's been a while since I have even heard from you (heard from you)”

I smiled sweetly and kept singing knowing he was listening.

“I should just tell you to leave 'cause I
Know exactly where it leads but I
Watch us go 'round and 'round each time

You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time
'Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

You got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt
And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time
'Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style.”

He smiled and I pecked his cheek before he pulled up in front of an arcade and turned the car off. I grinned, a bit cliché, but at the same time I wasn’t complaining. He turned off the car and he kissed me sweetly. I gripped his hands and kissed back. He pulled away and smiled lovingly.

“You’re so cute, you know that doll.” He said smiling sweetly.

I blushed, “Oh shut up.” I mumbled shyly.

He chuckled and kissed my cheek before getting out of the car and rushing around to open my door for me. I got out and pecked his cheek. He took my hand and we laced our fingers together. I knew that no one from our school would see us here, well nobody that would care, I could see a few other 2Ps in this shopping center where the arcade was but I shrugged, I wasn’t scared of them anymore. I would have been more scared if I saw any of the 1Ps, their making my life hell was scarier than anything these guys could ever even think of threatening to do.

“I know this is a little childish.” Allan said, “But it was the first place I thought of.”

“Besides your bedroom?” I teased and pecked his cheek as he led me inside.

“You know me way too well babe.” He said making me laugh.

“That’s probably true.” I said smirking cutely at him as he bought us some tokens.

I knew we would be out late tonight but I didn’t care, I just wanted to enjoy my time with the man I was in love with. I had fallen for him there was no doubt about that.
Secret Lovers part 15
Wow, that was unexpected of the reader? Also, I love that song so much. :XD: I had to use it, the chorus is mainly what works here. But still. 

What did all my lovely readers think? Please let me know. 

I do not own Hetalia, 2pHetalia, 2pAmerica, or You.
I do not own the song.
I do own the story concept and ideas.

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The building was large and white with guilded and wooden accents throughout the interior. It was beautiful, almost like a palace. This was the World Meeting Building, where all the nations representations met up and discussed politics and things that were sensitive to the worlds security. It was a comfortable place, where all the nations needs were taken care of. It had always been this way, they were fed and their clothes washed, but no one ever saw a staff. That was because there was only one person who worked there, an eternal servant. She took care of all of their needs before they could even think to ask for help. She had been there from the beginning chosen by the original nations to care for them and any nation to come.

But the ancients disappeared and this generation of countries took the helm, the only thing was, these new nations had no idea she was there, she became invisible. But she continued to serve, diligently, caringly and unseen…

--- -- ---

It was another world meeting, another time that this place would be filled. (Name) ran her fingers along an ornate carving on the wall outside of the meeting room. It was the known world. She smiled at it. She had been here since before this place was as large as it was, since the beginning, chosen by it’s builders to care for it and those which would soon fill it’s halls. This place was still as beautiful as it had been all those years ago. She walked to the front door as they began to file in.

“Welcome back.” She said in a chipper voice.

No one looked up or acknowledged her in any way. She didn’t mind. That wasn’t unusual. To them she didn’t exist, or rather they had no idea that she existed. She merely walked about them and looked at the things they had brought, she would need to put them all away soon. The group that had just arrived consisted of the old Allied Forces, England, America, Canada, France, Russia, and China. And seeing the Chinese male hurt a bit, because he used to see her, she had grown to be invisible to him as well a while back. He was so young when she was chosen so that didn’t surprise her, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt that he never saw her any more.

She watched them disperse to their rooms with their bags and she went to check on the kitchen. She would put their things away when they were all at dinner with the others. They were the last to arrive, so she could now begin her secret work. She made all of the food and set the tables in the lavish dining hall. She set the food out and rang the bell for dinner. All at once nation after nation filed in to sit at eat. She smiled as they ate her food and enjoyed it. She hurried to put their clothes and items away. She was happy.

Well, that was what she told herself…

--- -- ---

The meetings were the next day and she had everything set up in the meeting room, the files they wanted, pitchers and glasses of water, pens and pencils and anything else they may need. She held the door for them, but they didn’t thank her, she didn’t mind, they never did. They sat down and the meeting began.

--- -- ---

Prussia sat in his usual seat. These meetings are even more boring than he remembered, they fought over everything. He usually liked to see them get all heated, but now, he just couldn’t take it anymore. It was all the same stuff. When it was time for lunch he looked up to see a cart filled with sandwiches as usual. Only today he wondered where they came from. The others assumed whatever staff was here was fast or there was some magic left here that did it. But he didn’t think that made much sense, but he had no proof as to why. It was as though something different was going on. He sighed, he must be hungrier than he thought. He got his sandwich and could swear he heard a soft voice say, “Enjoy.” He looked back at the cart confused and shook his head, he must need some sleep.

Salacia stood in her spot and wished that everyone enjoy the sandwiches she had made, though no one heard her. She could have sworn a nation had done a double take, but that was probably her wishful thinking again. She set the cart aside when they were all busy eating and left the room to eat her own sandwich. She never ate in front of those she served, that had been a bit of properness that she had never lost the habit of, even though she was invisible to all of them now. She ate quickly so she could go and gather the plates without their notice.

After lunch was done she stood in her place, hands clasped before her and a pleasant, dutiful smile on her pink painted lips. She listened to the casual chatter somehow hearing every voice and knowing what they said, even in the other languages. That was another gift of Britannia’s, the ability to understand any language she needed to. If she was to serve nations being able to understand them was essential. She listened and knew exactly what they would need in the evening. She made both mental and physical (on a small notepad she kept with her in her apron at all times) notes to be sure she served them all best. She looked around and noticed how each nation had changed in all these years. She felt a bit of motherly pride at the sight, she had watched many of them grow up, and in a way she felt a small inkling her care when they were here had helped them thrive. In this place they were without worries of bosses screaming, hiding who they were, and living on their own with no help.

She smiled at them all, it may hurt at times that she could not be seen by them, but she still felt love for them all, they were her family. Not as close as the ancient nations had been, but still her family. And like any family they fought…well she didn’t but the nations did. Not France and England again. She groaned in her head and hurried over to try and break them apart. They could not see, hear, or even feel her touch so it was a futile attempt, as were all of her others, but she still had to try. And if anyone asked what she got out of this…she could just show them her newly bruised cheek. She sighed, England had accidentally caught her with his elbow.

“At least it wasn’t my eye again.” She murmured to herself as she took her place once more as the meeting began once more…after the almost daily brawl between England and France, she would never understand their hatred.

--- -- ---

This is all so boring! Prussia thought and sighed to himself as he looked around the meeting room. How were they all so enthralled in this? His brother was not exactly an engaging public speaker, even when he was shouting. Now shouting could be interesting, but not shouting over economics that they all knew already. He wasn’t unintelligent and did care about his stake in Germany, no not his brother the actual country, but these meetings were monotonous. Why couldn’t something new happen? He sighed again and set his chin on his hand and looked off into a far corner and let his mind wander. He started to imagine a girl though, (height), with a nice (body type) figure, (hair color) locks, and shining (eye color) eyes set into her (skin tone) face. Wow his imagination really was good, he could almost believe she was standing there.

Wait, she was moving on her own, he wasn’t imagining that. He blinked. She was still there. He looked away and back. She was still there. Holy hell she was real. He looked around at the other nations; none of them noticed their new companion. He could even hear her breathing. This was too weird. He looked at her again, was…was she crying? She was! She had wiped a tear from her eye and then looked around before hurrying out of the room. He even saw the door open and close and heard it too. He thought it best not to mention this to anyone. What the hell was going on? When he said he wished for something new to happen, he didn’t mean for him to lose his mind.
Invisible Chapter One
This is an idea that came to be as I was about to fall asleep the other night. I had to sit up and write down the basis of the main plot. Needless to say I didn't sleep much, but i think it was worth it. I like this concept, and I hope all my lovely readers do too. Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think. :)

I do not own Hetalia or it's affiliated characters, or You
I do own the story concept and ideas

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“(N-Name)…bella?” he exclaimed she was passed out on the floor.
He hurried over to her and gathered her into his arms. He was finally seeing her as she was, her eyes sunken in, skin paper thin, hair so brittle it fell out when he stroked it. She was malnourished. But how, she must have been eating since she cooked every night. He began to think, had he seen her eat though? He pet her hair and kissed her temple.

“(Name), p-please wake up.” He said and lifted her up to place into her bed.

Why would she do this to herself? He bit his lip remembering what Spain had been talking to he and Roma about. He bit his lip and hurried to get her some water and make her some soup. She needed to eat and that would be something small and good for her to eat. Romano found him in the kitchen and asked what was going on. In a rushed and emotional way Italy managed to get what had happened across to his brother. Romano followed him as he took the water pitcher and a glass to (Name’s) room. She was still asleep and Italy hurried to sit beside her on the bed.

“Are you okay, idioto fratello?” Romano asked in his usual gruff manner though he was a bit worried as well.

“I just…I was going to tell her tonight…” Italy said as he held her hand tightly.

“No you weren’t.” Romano said, “You always say that, but you know you won’t, you would lose-a your nerve the second she smiled at you, just like always.”

“No I wouldn’t!” Italy said though wilted, Romano was right.

Italy had harbored feelings for the young maidservant for as long as he could remember, and every time he came close to telling her how he felt something stopped him. Whether it was her breathtaking smile, a model coming by to talk, or just him thinking she just wouldn’t love him…he could never say it. He sighed, he wasn’t tough or strong like Germany, nor was he quiet and proper like Japan…he was overly emotional and afraid, why would she want him. He was an artist…but he could never bring himself to paint her as often as his brother. It wasn’t anything to do with her…it was his fears and the thought of her in front of him in the outfits he chose…the mere thought of that made him shudder and he knew he couldn’t handle it.

When it came to Italy’s art he wanted to be professional and the lack of control his imagination always had when it came to his sweet (Name) he knew that he could not be professional and she would know. He didn’t want to have her know he thought that way. He didn’t want her to think any less of him. He sighed, he had taken use of her private services only once and felt ashamed afterwards, she hadn’t thought of it as his love merely performing her duties and that broke his heart. He pet her hair softly and kissed her cheek.

“I’ll call the doctor.” Romano said.

“Okay, I’m-a just going to-a stay here with her.” Italy said, “I don’t want-a her to be alone.”

Romano nodded and walked out, his brother would be the one to fall for a maid, but he didn’t look down on him, he felt bad for him because there was a chance that (Name) would be terrified to be in a relationship with a man she worked for and refuse him. He didn’t want his brother’s heart to be broken, but if she denied him neither brother could truly blame her. Though she was more than a maid to them…she was always professional, which they appreciated. Romano went to the phone in the hall and called their doctor. He had to be sure she was taken care of, not for him, not for his brother, but for her, this was the last thing she needed. Italy kissed her temple and right after she stirred a bit. His golden eyes widened when she opened her eyes and whined.

“(N-Name), bella, are you okay?” he asked in shock.

“Wh-What happened?” she asked confused, “I came in to take a shower…and I don’t remember anything after that…”

“I came in to-a talk to you and found-a you unconscious on the floor!” Italy said, “(Name), is there-a something going on you need-a to talk to-a me about?”

(Name) bit her lip and shook her head, but this time Italy didn’t drop it. He knew something was wrong and had a very good idea as to what, and he needed answers, for her safety. He gently held her hands and gave her the most sincere of looks as he asked again for her to tell him the truth.

“I-I haven’t been eating right…or at all some days…” she stammered, “I-I’m sorry you had to find out this way…”

“Or at all?” Italy asked knowing it was true.

She looked away too shy to face the Master she had developed a taboo love for frown so large. She sighed softly and apologized again. Italy gently pet her hair and they sat in silence until Romano came back into the room.

“The doctor’s on his-a way. I’ll go and-a finish the soup, so you can stay with her fratello.” The darker haired southern Italian said as he left the two secret loves alone.

“Why-a would you do something like-a that?” Italy asked with sincere care in his voice.

(Name) didn’t answer, she couldn’t, it would break all the rules of a Bound Servant. She tried to choke back a small sob but failed. Italy couldn’t help himself as he hugged her gently. He told her that when she was ready he had an open ear for her. She nodded and just let him hold her. In her heart this was all she had ever wanted. She let herself imagine this was what love felt like, that this was how it was meant to be, he was meant to love her. She felt the tears falling harder now. All she felt was pain, the pain of love, of never being good enough.

“It’s going to be-a okay, (Name), I’m here.” He murmured in her ear, “Bella please don’t cry. Ti amo…please don’t cry.”

(Name) froze. Had he truly just said that? She looked up at him sniffling. His golden eyes were open and it was as though he hadn’t even meant to say it.

“W-What did you say?” she asked sniffling, hope in her eyes.

Italy went back over his words in his head and realized what he had just let slip. He stammered out some sort of explanation, nervous about revealing his feelings while she was crying. The Bound Servant gently set her fingers over her Master’s lips.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain.” She said.

Italy frowned and nodded, he was scared to say it again. He got up as the doctor came in and allowed him to look her over. The entire time he was trying to think of how he was going to tell her that he meant every word. He loved her. When the doctor left with orders to make sure she ate and didn’t try to do any serious work until her strength was back. The younger Italian walked over to her bed.

“Please tell me why you were doing this to yourself.” He pleaded.

“Because I wasn’t good enough.” She said softly, “I wasn’t as thin or pretty as those models you both loved to use…and I wanted to show you that I could make you both happy. And…and I wanted you to compliment me again, tell me that I was pretty…you never do anymore…and calling me bella doesn’t count…you call every girl that…”

Italy was shocked, he hadn’t even realized that he hadn’t been complimenting her, subconsciously he must have stopped because he feared revealing how he felt. He sat on the edge of her bed and gently took her hand.

“But you are-a beautiful to me…and I’m not just-a saying that.” He said softly, “I’m so sorry that-a I have been lax in letting you know I still find-a you gorgeous. I guess I was just afraid…”

“Of what?” she asked confused looking up at him.

“Of letting you onto the truth of how I feel…” he said and looked at her, “I meant what I said earlier, ti amo (Name).”

(Name) felt those tingles down her spine as she was freed of her bound servitude as she murmured back, “I love you too.”

Italy leaned down and gently pecked her lips. She smiled so happy to have him love her back. The doctor arrived about the time their lips parted and he examined her.

“You haven’t been eating enough.” He said, “By your pallor you haven’t been eating at all.”

“I…I was starving myself…” (Name) admitted ashamed.

“Maybe you should seek some counseling as to why.” The Doctor said, “I have a couple names I could give you, if your employers have no opposition to paying in insurance.”

“If that is what my…our (Name) needs, we will be doing it.” Italy declared.

The doctor nodded, “You will need to get back to eating properly slowly.” He said and took some time to write out a short meal plan to get her body able to accept proper nutrition again, “I would suggest some vitamin supplements until you can eat a balanced diet again. And next time you
want to lose weight, maybe ask about proper diets or see a dietician.”

(Name) nodded an embarrassed flush on her cheeks, “I will sir, thank you.” She said.

The doctor handed Italy the meal plan and told him to keep an eye on her. That just made (Name) feel worse, she was putting her Masters through so much trouble, right after he had told her he loved her and she was freed. Wait, she was freed, were they still her Masters or would they become her employers or…she had no idea what was to happen now. She needed to tell Italy what she was…but she would wait for the doctor to leave before even thinking of doing something like that. The doctor and Italy spoke a bit before he left. Italy and (Name) were alone again at last.

“M-Mast…I-Italy…or…what should I call you now…there’s something else you should know…” she said.

“You can call me by my name.” Italy said.

“O-Okay…F-Feliciano…well…umm…I…I’m…a…a…” she stammered.

“You can tell me anything.” Italy said with a sweet smile.

“I-I’m a Bound Servant…and…and what that means is…I am bound to serve one or more masters for eternity…I am bound to do exactly as they say no matter what.” She said, “I can be freed…by death…pregnancy to term…or…mutual love between Master and Bound Servant…”

“S-So what we just did…?” Italy asked after he managed to process her words.

She nodded, “Freed me. I will still work for you if you want me to.” She said, “I don’t…I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You have never been a burden.” Italy said, “And you don’t have to be our maid any longer, you are my girlfriend now…if you want to be…and if not we would gladly employ you if you choose. In the end it’s your choice.”

“I would love to be your girlfriend.” She said with a smile, “B-But how will we tell your brother?”

“Leave that-a to me.” Italy said and kissed her nose, “You should get some rest.”

She nodded and lay back to try and nap as Italy stood to tell his brother what had just transpired. He knew that Romano wouldn’t be upset about the pair becoming a couple, he knew that they belonged together. And it would probably take him a day to realize all that her being a Bound Servant to them all those years really meant, Italy still didn’t think he comprehended entirely. In the end Italy wasn’t sure about a lot, but he was sure of one thing, as long as he and Salacia were side by side they could weather anything that life threw at them. Their love was that strong, he felt it in how tenderly she had kissed him back.
Bound Servitude: Italians: Italy Ending
Ah a slightly condescending doctor. *sigh
* of course. And isnt' Italy so sweet? So what did you all think? Please let me know.  I love comments and try my best to reply to them all. :)

I do not own Hetalia, Italy, Romano, or You
I do own the story, concept, and ideas
They ate their meals and (Name) held onto Jet’s hand as she realized they were over the ocean. It freaked her out still. Jet knew this so he made sure she was okay. He pecked her cheek.

“You’re going to love the house; the pictures don’t do it justice.” He assured her, “I saw it and just knew that it was perfect and I was so happy you agreed, I even had one of my friends do a walk through to be sure everything works.”

“Would have been nice if we could have done that ourselves…but we were living in the wrong hemisphere, not just the wrong country.” (Name) softly laughed, “I’m excited about moving here with you…but I’m still nervous about starting over.”

“I know, (Name), but I’ll be with you every step of the way.” He assured her, “If you don’t understand something or need help with anything just let me know.”

“At least I don’t have to learn a new language.” She laughed and smiled at him.

She would never not be nervous about this whole moving across the world to start a new married life, but she knew that with Jet by her side she could handle it. She leaned in and pecked his cheek. She looked at their entwined hands and leaned over nuzzling his shoulder.

“I love you Jet, and I may be nervous, but I’m also excited.” She said.

“Good.” He said and kissed her temple, “I wouldn’t want to just whisk you away completely against your will.”

“No only minorly against my will right?” She teased, “Just against my will enough to be like a taboo running away together plot.”

He laughed, “You’re such a dork.” He said and pecked her nose.

“But I’m your dork.” She said with a smile.

“You got that right.” He said and captured her lips again.

It was moments like this that reminded (Name) of one of the reasons she had fallen in love with him. He got her sense of humor and would even participate sometimes. She made him laugh and he made her laugh and that made up for any nerves either would ever feel. She felt most of her nerves melted away when he kissed her.

--- -- ---

The flight was nearing its end and (Name) was taking a deep breath as she put away all her carry on stuff into her handbag. Jet was holding her hand and rubbing the top with his thumb as they began their descent. She squeaked and hid her head in his shoulder, take off and touch down were two parts of flight she doubted she would ever get used to. Thankfully Jet realized this and held her hand tightly and murmured soothing words into her ear. When they finally touched down (Name) released the breath she was holding in as they began to taxi.

“Welcome to Australia.” Jet murmured and kissed her ear playfully.

When they were finally let off the plane Jet led (Name) to baggage claim. He smiled as they walked holding her hand tightly. His joy at being home with her was through the roof and his joy really did rub off on (Name). He carried their bags out to where he had rented a car.

“I’ll be buying a car soon, love.” He said with a smile, “Don’t worry, but you need to test drive so I rented one for a week so that I had time to get my own and we can still get around.”

“You always think of everything.” She giggled softly.

“You’re just now realizing that?” he laughed as she punched his shoulder playfully, “So are you excited?”

“Now that we’re here, yeah.” She said smiling happily.

“Good, now get in the car, let’s go.” He said with a smile making her laugh.

--- -- ---

They pulled up in front of a one story home painted white with yellow trim, making (Name) smile, she had told him that she had always imagined a house like this. He turned the rental car off and got out before hurrying to open (Name’s) car door for her and lift her up into his arms. She squealed a laugh.

“What are you doing?” she giggled.

“I figured I would carry you over the threshold.” He laughed and kissed her jawbone playfully.

He did just that carried her through the front door and into their home, plopping her onto a couch. He had told her ahead of time he had asked some of his oldest friends to help move the furniture in. It wasn’t where the couple would want it, but it was at least in the house. She giggled and he hurried to get the stuff out of the car before coming back in and smiling at her.

“Welcome home, my quokka.” He murmured smiling at her as she sat up and looked at him.

“I’m so happy.” She murmured with her own smile.

He lifted her up into his arms and held her close. He kissed her cheek and then kissed all over her face making her squeal and giggle. He smiled and nuzzled her. She looked up at him and kissed his lips.

“Jet, I am so happy I married you.” She said softly.

“I’m happy you married me too.” He laughed softly and pecked her lips.

He walked her through the house still holding her when they reached the master bedroom, where there was already a bed with a mattress on it (Name) noticed his eyes get an all too familiar glint to them.

“We can always unpack later~” she purred.

“You took the words right out of my mouth.” He purred back and lay her on the bed and crawled on top of her, “I love you.” He murmured.

“Prove it~” she teased and kissed him.

He kissed back holding her waist gently, she was the only woman in the world he could ever imagine being with. He kissed her with all the love and passion he held for her. She returned it whole heartedly. She knew that as long as she had him she would be able to weather anything.
The Transplant Ch. 2
So they have arrived at their new home, how will things go in their lives now? So what do you all think? Please let me know. 

I do not own Hetalia, Australia, or You.
I do own the story concept and ideas.
Okay so I've been plotting out a new story. It will be a bit more light hearted so far in my planning. The only question remaining is the name I should go with. In the sense as the character had no cannon I have to make a judgement call...and hope the masses are pleased. Lol.
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